Spiritism For Kids

por Marcela Prada


Theme: Solidarity

What a tasty snack!

The school bell rang announcing the break time. As usual, the children grabbed their lunchboxes and headed for the patio tables near the cafeteria.

Amid the buzz of the kids, Carlos, with head down, walked sadly, carrying the light lunchbox, which he knew it was empty.

Reaching the place where he used to sit, he just set the lunchbox on the table.

The children could not go playing before having a snack. But instead of sitting and waiting, as he had been doing for a few days, Carlos asked permission to go to the bathroom. He was hungry and would rather not see his colleagues eating.

The friends had already noticed what was happening and were commenting.

Otavio​​thought the boy's mother was ill and so she did not prepare his snack. Lucas claimed it was not a matter of illness but that his parents were separating. For Joana, the family was broken then did not send food or give him money to buy in the cafeteria.

Carlos, in fact, was different, very quiet.

That day, he took as long as he could in the bathroom. Then he went to the water fountain to drink water. Only then he returned to the cafeteria tables. Unsatisfied, he noted that he should have taken longer because his friends were still there.

As he approached, he saw his lunchbox on the chair where he would sit. He didn't understand why it was there, but when he went to pick it up to put it on the table again, he realized that it was heavy.

Carlos then sat down and opened the lunchbox. He was surprised to see it full of yummy things. It had half a cheese sandwich like Lucas's, a piece of cake like Joana's, some chocolate chip cookies like Otavio's and many other things.

The boy, very happy, looked around smiling and saw that his friends were smiling at him too. He did not know how to thank them for that gesture that pleased both his stomach and his heart, he could only say cheerfully:

- What a tasty snack!

The other children were as happy as Carlos and when they had finished their lunch they went playing happily.

Carlos felt much better and the affection he received encouraged him to tell Lucas what was going on.

Carlos was walking to school, and on the way every day, just before arriving, a young boy who lived on the street stole his lunch. Carlos was afraid of him because he threatened him and said not to tell anyone anything.

Lucas found it very serious and encouraged him to look for the teacher. On the same day, they went together to tell her everything, which greatly praised their attitude, saying that this problem had to be solved and not prolonged.

The teacher contacted Carlos's parents, who had no idea what was going on. They took him to school every day.

The headmaster was also reported and in addition to giving a notice warning the families, called for police reinforcement to increase surveillance in the streets near the school. In a few days, the boy was found and arrested, as he was robbing other children and even some houses in the area as well.

The case was solved and even it taught other children. Carlos was happy again, and he felt that the friendship between him and the other children in the class was even stronger.

One day, when everything was fine, Carlos asked his mother to bring a delicious cake and juice at lunch time, for him to share with everyone.

Everyone realized it was a way of thanking them for the day they shared their lunch with him.

Lucas, eating the cake, smiled at his friend and said:

- What a tasty snack!

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