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Year 13 - 637 – September 22 2019

How Herculano Pires used to see André Luiz’s works

There are in some areas in the spirit midst people who make restrictions on Emmanuel and Sndré Luiz’s works, and there are even those who do not accept them. To reinforce such ideas, some draw on what the well-known journalist and writer José Herculano Pires would have specifically expressed about the books of the spiritual author of the Our Home series. As a result, our collaborator Paulo Neto decided to research Herculano Pires' literary production to learn how the great writer, from São Paulo, actually saw the works of André Luiz. The Special published in this issue gives us the result of this research.

According to Professor Nelson Brittany of Araras (SP), this Sunday interview, the full achievement of self-control is for all of us a task that should not be overlooked. Bachelor and graduate in Psychology, bachelor and master in Physics and spirit for 20 years, Nelson is a speaker in great demand for the content of his approaches in the light of Spiritism and Psychology. The interview, given to our collaborator Orson Peter Carrara, is one of the highlights of this issue.

On a day like today, September 22, was born in 1868 Cairbar Schutel, journalist, writer, speaker and one of the greatest promoters of Spiritism in our country. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, stood out in public life in Matão (SP), where he founded the Spirit Centre for Poverty Lovers, the newspaper O Clarim and the International Magazine of Spiritism, an internationally renowned publication. A special article published in this edition by Angélica Reis focuses on the life and work of the remarkable writer.

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