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por Marcela Prada


Theme: Discipline and Balance

A different diet

There was a time when Ana Paula and Vicente were so overweight and had little enthusiasm to play.

The mother took them to the doctor, and tests showed that the children had anemia. They took medicine and changed their diet, eating more fruit and vegetables. At the beginning it was difficult because they were very fond of eating snacks and treats. Now they are full of disposition, thanks to the healthy diet.

It is the same for our brain. Nowadays, information arrives by mobile, internet, television, social networks. There are several groups on WhatsApp, games, videos and a large number of fun options. We want to participate in everything, interact with everyone, and we end up saturated with mental fatigue.

How to solve it?

Doing a brain diet.

In this diet, we selected some TV shows, WhatsApp groups, games and videos to watch and interact with. We set a daily time for each of the chosen options.

It is important to insert these activities with others that do not require as much concentration and mental effort. These include ball games, swimming, playing with your pet, walking, cycling, skateboarding, and so on. Reading, doing crossword puzzles, drawing and painting are other good examples.

We must not be alienated and isolated, even in a group, to each one monitor their own device. It is essential to promote the exchange of ideas and true dialogue. Healthy family life with grandparents, uncles, etc. It also requires its space.

The harm is not in technology, but in the way we make use of it. All excess is harmful. Used sparingly, it is a great tool to make our lives easier.

Nature gives us beautiful landscapes, starry skies and beautiful sunsets. We are invited to pray and thank God for all we receive every day.

We should not close our eyes to the real important things.


Text by Lucia Noll.


Larissa Martine - larissa_am@hotmail.com


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