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Year 12 - 601 - January 13, 2019

Henri Sausse's report of the work Genesis, by Kardec

As a matter of space, the article "Typographic analysis of the first seven editions of The Genesis of Allan Kardec" by the French Charles Kempf and Michel Buffet, was divided into two parts. Last week we reproduced the first part, which focused on the typographical studies on the first seven French editions ofThe Genesis and also presented information about the graphics used. In this issue, we publish the essential part of Henri Sausse's complaint related to the subject, as well as the writers' comments on the manuscript of the medium M. Desliens, which was also changed in future publication in the book Posthumous Works.

In this issue, our interviewee is the writer and therapist Rossano Sobrinho Ferreira, author of the book Renewing Hearts - The Power of Affection in the Spirit Centre. Based in the city of Espera Feliz (MG), where he lives, our interviewee graduated in Letters and postgraduate in Psychopedagogy, with training in Holistic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. In the interview he tells us about the proposal and purpose of the book mentioned above.

Last month, Paulo Salerno went along with the doctrinal activities carried out at the Spirit Centre Way to Redemption, in Salvador (BA), where Divaldo Franco, with his usual disposition, was the highlight. The report shows us how everything happened and it also reports on the conference given by Divaldo on December 14, at the Regional Labour Court of Bahia, on the theme "Science and religion: In search of the being integral."

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Director of Writing

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