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Theme: Reincarnation

The Bad Wolf Reincarnated

The Bad Wolf, after swallowing Grandma, lay down on her bed and waited for her granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood arrival.

When she arrived, he fooled the girl pretending to be Grandma and ate her too. After this double meal, he felt very sleepy and slept right there to do the digestion.

But the Wolf wasn’t successful because the hunter of the forest, who was already looking for him, arrived and realized what had happened, opened wolf´s belly with a knife. He took out Little Red and Grandma from it who were scared but alive. Then he placed heavy stones in their place, closed the wolf's belly and before he knew it they left.

The Wolf felt very thirsty after waking up and went to the pond. Being very heavy, he got off balance and fell into the water and drowned.

In fact, as no one dies, who died was his body that is he disincarnated. The Wolf (in spirit) after being awakened for some time awoke in the spirit world.

The landscape he saw now was not like the forest. It was uglier, darker and he heard other howling wolves who looked wicked like him. He looked for a better place but could not find it. He thought about asking for help but he could not remember anyone who was his friend or who liked him. He remembered all the mischief he had done. He felt very sad. He wished he had acted differently. But now it was late. His time on Earth was over and his body was dead.

He was desolated and cried regretfully. It was then that he began to see a light. It was a good spirit that was approaching.

The spirit explained that Wolf's sincere repentance had called him; he was in charge of helping the bad wolves to become good.

- What? - Wolf wondered. - Do you want to help me get well? It won’t happen! I'm bad, I was created bad and I always will be.

The good spirit then replied:

- No my friend you are mistaken. You, like all of us, were created by God who is good and does not create bad people. You just made mistakes because you still have to evolve and learn to be good, that's all!

The Wolf was surprised at these words yet decided to accept the invitation of the good messenger to accompany him to the Regeneration Institute where they would meet with specialized people who could help him.

When he arrived he was well greeted and attended by a kindly and wise man who took the Wolf's file.

- Let's see how your last incarnation was - he said and went on describing everything from birth, childhood, youth, acts practiced, to his disincarnation in the pond.

When he had finished reading, the Wolf ashamed of the mischief he had practiced and thinking it was a hopeless case, began to cry.

The new friends tried to talk to him. They explained that he would have new opportunities, that every mistake can be repaired and that God gives up on no-one. But the Wolf was inconsolable, believing that he would forever be alone and unhappy. It was then that his new friend revealed to him that he was on the team of reincarnation planning. His job was to plan the best opportunities so that each one could make the most of their new incarnations, promoting their moral learning, reconciling with others and undoing mistakes.

The Wolf did not understand how this was possible. He knew nothing about reincarnation, evolution, or planning but he felt hope and stopped crying to hear better what the good spirit was saying:

- My dear Wolf, come with me into the other room. To strengthen your confidence and encourage you in your new experiences, I have decided to show you what we have planned for you.

Wolf, now calmer, followed him into the forecast TV room, a device similar to TV, capable of showing scenes of the future planned by them.

The Wolf sat curious and began to watch. Soon scenes of the forest appeared which he knew so well. He saw the hunter who had been his enemy for many years. Then there appeared a shepherd's pup lost in the forest. The hunter did not recognize the Wolf of other times, now in the body of that handsome little animal, took him home and took care of him.

He grew up and became a great watchdog with his temper still a bit wild but a faithful friend of the hunter.

They lived together for a few years. Until one day the former Bad Wolf saw a huge snake ready to attack. He stepped over it to protect the hunter and took the sting in his place. The dog disembodied, however, received all the gratitude and affection of the one who had now become his great friend.

The Bad Wolf was very touched but kept watching because soon new scenes appeared.

He now appeared in the body of a medium-sized undefined breed. His mistress was a very old and affectionate lady whom he soon recognized as Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother. The Wolf rejoiced in some scenes of fellowship and care among them. His temper was already more docile, he liked receiving Grandma's cuddles although he was angry with strangers.

Next he was shown the day a thief tried to break into Grandma's place. With great courage, he went over the man. The thief ran away but in the fight he was able to hit Grandma's dog with a stick, which he was badly injured.

Grandma gratefully took care of him but even so he disincarnated. He left the body again but took with him another strong bond of friendship and affection that had formed.

In front of the television screen, the Wolf was crying with emotion. And the scenes kept going...

He had reincarnated this time as a small, hairy puppy from a docile and clever temperament. It was given to Little Red Riding Hood, now a girl who was in love with him.

The little dog did not seem at all like the Bad Wolf who had been before. He played, gave affectionate licks, sought the hand of people to receive affection. He now knew the feelings of friendship, trust, loyalty and dedication. He gave and received love and was very happy.

The projection ended and the Wolf moved asked:

- Am I really going to be like this?

- That is what we have planned although it will depend on you on your free will. If your repentance was sincere, you will have the strength to carry out your regeneration and to evolve - replied his benefactor.

- It was sincere yes! - Said the Wolf - You'll see!

The Wolf thanked him for the help he was receiving and soon afterwards was sent to other departments that would prepare him for reincarnation. Surely much was yet to come but much happier days awaited him soon.


Adaptation of the book by Roque Jacintho, The Bad Wolf Reincarnated, published by Editor FEB.


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