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We shape our future

We have come to a time of extraordinary achievements. It is a pity that together with them, intolerance, crime and abuse of every kind stain with elusive spots so many scientific and technological advances of this flint-winning Humanity. It is good to look back when we lived only to maintain our physical bodies and to do so we fought against each other in an uncontained search for food, for territorial advance, and for the paths that lead us to lakes and to the running waters or caves to protect us from the darkness of the night with its dangers or uncertainties. Yes, the journey of man in these last seventy thousand years was glorious when we left the period of the Neanderthal man for the Technological Sapiens period, as it is proposed today. And the most important is that we all participated. We have all given our share of contribution from the simplest to the most complex. We are, as Emmanuel says, "Heroes of Intelligence".

However, History does not tell us how the hominids lived about 2.5 million years ago when the human epic began. PhD in History, Yuval Harari says: "on a trip to East Africa, 2 million years ago, one could see certain familiar human features.” And what would these characteristics be? We asked. The academic himself answers: "Anxious mothers caressing their babies; flocks of carefree children playing in the mud; temperamental youngsters rebelling against the rules of that society, and tired old men, who only wanted to live in peace and there were still the proud males trying to impress the local beauties, and wise old matriarchs who had seen everything!"

History? Reality? It is important to consider that according to psychology our current behaviors are based on ancestral experiences. What is described above very much resembles our present behavior. It gives us the impression that our brains stored for millennia those experiences causing them to reflect in this present moment. There is no more scientific discussion about our origins. We are on an evolutionary journey where every moment was fundamental for us to build our present life. Spiritism, from its inception, corroborates science, adding that we are expanding monads of God. This is the fact and the need to conform to it.

We often discuss this or that case and almost always we give our opinion hastily. Now at this moment countless studies are being conducted around everything and to talk about something or everything requires in-depth knowledge. A Spiritist must be someone committed to the truth. And what is the truth but the knowledge and practice of the Divine Laws from the physical laws to the moral laws? Therefore, to give an opinion, as a Spiritist, it must first pass through the rational and logical sketches of what the Codification presents to us. That is: the "I think" is no longer valid, still so frequent among us. The "I think," translated, says "I'm not sure". Now, if I'm not sure, how can I give my opinion? It will be full of half-truths.

"Time is wise, it reveals everything", said the Greek philosopher Tales of Miletus, who lived from 624 to 546 BC and he was right. Gradually the revelations were made in the world and are made in each of us. So, it is wise to measure what I think with what the scientific and technological advances present to us at the moment. In the chapter on the Law of Progress, in The Book of Spirits, we will find that progress is fatal and that no one can try to stop it. Question 781-a: "What should one think of those who try to stop the march of progress and make Humanity retrograde? Poor beings that God will punish! They will be swept away by the torrent they try to stop".

It is spoken vehemently about the world of regeneration and the exiles that may occur to those who do not wish to conform to Jesus' proposals. This is a fact to be thought and rethought.

We need the thirst for knowledge to go further. Luis Sepulveda, novelist, writer, journalist, and Chilean political activist tells us: "The hunter must always be a little hungry, because hunger awakens the senses". And it is in this context that we must situate ourselves. We must search permanently. Andre Luiz tells us about the "Creator’s Breath”, that is, the flow of life. We are in this flow and he invites us to know more. Once one step is completed, another comes to us, that is, the challenge; here is the proposal for the winner of himself. It happens that many, when winning a stage, prefer to remain in it, situated in a zone of comfort that destroy senses that make them advance to other stages. We are from yesterday, today and always. There will be a time when the only time to be considered will be the eternal present.

In these reflections we need to seek who we are and what we do with ourselves in the time that is offered to us by God. Are we our own hunters or do we degenerate the environment that is offered to us? Let us look at Jean-Jacques Rousseau - a philosopher, political theorist and writer of the eighteenth century: "Everything degenerates in the hands of man. He changes everything, wants nothing as Nature did, not even man". With the knowledge of Psychology and Spiritism we understand that this man has been seeking to improve, even if very slowly. It happens that a new dimension presents itself within the new planetary cycle: the 4thdimension, which is time. It will bring new options different from everything we know and have experienced. In it, the old Sunday or weekly and even daily meetings will have to be more agile, the information less wordy, and the statements as closer as possible to wisdom. Men will have to grow ethically and morally, families will have to re-approach one another on behalf of individuals.

Returning to Yuval Harari, he proposes that Humanity has lived through three great revolutions: first the cognitive, in which fictional language arises and the Sapiens spread from Africa. Fire happens to be of daily use. There is the extinction of Neanderthals and Sapiens becomes the only surviving human species. History begins, and man begins to tell who he is through his marks in caves or in archaeological sites. Next, we have the agricultural revolution, where man domesticated plants and animals seeking permanent settlements. Then, systems of writing and money arise, as well as polytheistic religions. And then the scientific revolution follows where Humanity recognizes its ignorance and leaves in search of its conquests. The whole planet becomes one stage. This is our time. It is curious to note that in this flood of events mankind was prepared to receive Spiritism. From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, in the arts, philosophies and science we were gradually trained to appropriate the information of the Superior Spirits from the Codification and extending in the labors of great mediums, notably Chico Xavier, Divaldo Franco, and Yvonne Pereira do Amaral, among others.

Here we are masters of a new time. A new revolution: the spiritual revolution, which will put us beyond the simple citizen of the world to the citizen of the universe from the Earth system that welcomed us and feeds us information and opportunities. Current Psychology invites us to seek self-knowledge so that we become self-actualizers in ourselves. Our journey, from the hominid of 2 million and 500 thousand years ago, enables us to appropriate new searches so that new advances can be made in us and from us. The time of the “I think” has come to an end, the time of the undisciplined laughter, of the inferior and unhappy postures finished.

Deepak Chopra, beginning his book "You Are the Universe," tells us: "There is a relationship that has been kept secret in the lives of all people. We do not know when it started, but we are totally dependent on it. If it would one day end, the world would disappear like a cloud of smoke. It's about our relationship with reality". And he still says: "... It is precious that many things fit perfectly so that reality is formed; but this happens without us having any knowledge of it”. "He is only saying that the evolutionary process, divine project, always drives us to God, even though we insist on staying where we are. We have already talked about the flow of life, breath of the Creator, and we say again that it is impossible to stop it. The world will undergo deep changes, since its government is not human. Torres Pastorino in his book "Timely Suggestions" tells us that "Man will not promote the overthrow of a work that is not his". So we must take care of ourselves, for what we see is almost always a flood of follies, a save ourselves as we can, the end of a party, where even umbrellas are used to take the leftovers for the frugal and quick meal of the following day. No. Definitely this cannot be the behavior of a Spiritist, or anyone else, but especially the of a Spiritist!

In Genesis, Chapter II, item 9, Allan Kardec states that "Progress is the normal condition of spiritual beings and relative perfection is the goal that must be achieved". In the book Time and Renewal, edited by FEB, we find in Chapter 43 that "Progress in the spiritual sense resumes to knowing the Truth and loving". Therefore, we are all in an open regime of searches in this Universe that welcomes us. Formerly only the Orientals spoke about the Universe and their notes are recorded in beautiful and immortal books that date back millennia. A while now, this subject has taken hold of the Western mind, probably due to scientific advances about what surrounds us and where we are enrolled as participants in life. However, not everyone still seeks to understand life in its universal expansion, limiting itself to the place where it inhabits. Quantum physics brings us precious information, and among them that of "nonlocal", that is, life spreads beyond our small territorial domains. "To progress, to evolve spiritually, is to expand consciousness to higher levels". This information is contained in Chapter 33 of the book Time of Transition, by Juvanir B. Souza, edited by FEB.

Everything tends to renewal in a continuous process of transitions. Hence you cannot stop time or let it pass and fade. We quote again the most recent book Ecclesiastes, in the Old Testament, which begins Chapter 3 with the following information: "All things have their own time, and there is time for all purpose under Heaven". A glorious future was designed by Jesus for this planet we inhabit now. Will this future belong to us? It will depend exclusively on each one of us. In the book Way, Truth and Life, Chapter 171, Emmanuel informs us that "The Gospel is an illuminated script of which Jesus is the divine center. In this Letter of Redemption, surrounding His heavenly image, there are words, memories, gifts and indications very much loved of those who were His legitimate collaborators in the world".

From all this we are assured that we have been, are and will always be surrounded by the unconditional love of God to guide us to higher purposes, in which we will carry out other projects that will help us to tune our minds with the Divine mind. This is the time to think this way. The religion of the Universe is God in His essence without the factions that often imply a good knowledge of heavenly things. It is important to consider that Jesus did not create any religion. He has brought us a roadmap that guides us forward and up. He also told us that if we wish to speak with the Father, let us do it in the silence of our rooms, that is, in the intimacy of our souls.

Soon, maybe in 500 years from now, all Humanity will be in search of this script and all earthly institutions will govern by it. Hence the question: where would we like to be in 500 years from now? The truth is that we will not die, disappear, vanish or turn into nothing. There is no such possibility. Therefore, planning our future is good for all of us. "Can the Kingdom of Goodness ever be reached on Earth?" Allan Kardec asked the Sages of Superior Spirituality in question 1.019 of The Book of Spirits. “Goodness will reign on Earth when among the Spirits who come to inhabit the good people overcome the bad. Then they will make love and justice reign, which are the good of happiness. It is by moral progress and by the practice of the Laws of God that man will draw good Spirits to Earth and drive away the wicked. But the wicked will only leave when man has banished pride and selfishness. The transformation of Humanity has been foretold and you reach this moment when all progressive men are hurrying..." - answered the Higher Spirits.

Let us therefore be progressive and help ourselves and all in the moral transformation of this world that has welcomed us and enabled us to come here and henceforth will be a most important step for our necessary, continuous and glorious spiritual advances, if so we wish.

Eleni Frangatos - eleni.moreira@uol.com.br



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