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Year 12 - 585 - September 16, 2018

Bahia gave us the first spirit Brazilian group

Tomorrow, September 17th, another anniversary of the foundation of the first Brazilian spirit group, the Family Group of Spiritism, which was founded on 17th September 1865 in Salvador (BA), on the initiative of Luís Olímpio Teles de Menezes, 40 years old at the time, who, four years later, in July 1869, would launch the first spirit journal of Brazil, The Echo Beyond This World. When the Family Group of Spiritism was born, Allan Kardec was still reincarnated. An especial issue signed by our collaborator Ana Moraes focuses on the important initiative.

"Spiritism proves us, with facts, that no one dies" - this thought is presented in the interview given to us by the spirit scholar Rubens de Araújo, in Araraquara (SP). Connected to the André Luiz Spirit Assisting Nucleus, of which he is a leader, the confrere is a speaker, writer of USE Araraquara (SP) and facilitator of courses and seminars. In the interview, which is one of the highlights of this edition, he tells us, among other things, how he became spirit.

It is authored by Guaraci de Lima Silveira, writer and speaker based in the city of Juiz de Fora (MG), the "We Shape Our Future" Especial. In it, the esteemed confrere remembers that our world has reached at a time of extraordinary achievements, but in parallel to that, intolerance, crime and abuse of every kind blur with stains the scientific and technological advances of contemporary society. The article is one of the highlights of this edition.


  Astolfo O. de Oliveira Filho
Director of Writing

José Carlos Munhoz Pinto
Administrative Director


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