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Spiritism proves with facts that no one dies

A Spiritist since 1989, Rubens de Araújo (foto) lives in the city of Araraquara, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, where he is a member of two Spiritist Centres:  Sociedade Beneficente Obreiros do Bem (SBOB) and Núcleo Assistencial Espírita André Luiz. He is a member of the board at SBOB, he writes articles, gives talks and coordinates Spiritism courses. He is also a retired employee of Brazil’s oldest bank, Banco do Brasil.

How and when did you become a Spiritist?

It was in 1989, when my wife, Marina, had her first experiences with her mediumship. We lived then in the city of Junqueirópolis and I asked for advice from a bank client, whom I knew to be a Spiritist. He guided us to the right place and we began attending the meetings and courses at a local Spiritist Centre.

What aspect of Spiritism means the most to you?

The overwhelming revelations that Spiritism has brought to us, especially those concerning our mortality. Spiritism proves with facts that no one dies. When I was a child I used to look up to the sky and ask myself: Why am I here and why was I born? That big question was answered during the first talk at the first Spiritist Centre I joined. It was a talk about immortality. Later I got to understand that reincarnation was part of a natural law and that it was an essential part of our spiritual journey towards perfection.

What is your strongest feeling after all these years of study and hard work to help disseminate Spiritism?

It is the feeling of gratitude. Thanks to Spiritism my wife and I have been able to overcome a series of problems of various natures. We are grateful to all of those who have supported us along the way and we a grateful to those who have worked at our side during the past 30 years.

What is your assessment of the public who take part in the talks and other activities at the Núcleo Assistencial Espírita André Luiz (NAEAL)?

We have noticed a very good understand and symmetry among those who attend the talks and events at the NAEAL. They come regularly and engage in all activities. Thanks to social media, it has been possible to keep everyone updated with the schedule and latest activities. That has helped boost the number of people coming to our Spiritist Centre.

What is your assessment of current efforts to disseminate Spiritism?

There is a brilliant generation of Spiritists engaged in the dissemination of the Teachings. They are young people who have reincarnated with a properly prepared and focuse conscience. They have attracted an increasing number of people to their talks. With the proper usage of social media and the internet, it has been possible to take those talks and lectures to the homes of both Spiritists and non-Spiritists. That has brought comfort to the suffering of many people, who have eventually given up old habits and have been able to transform their lives.

How strong is the Spiritist Movement in the city of Araraquara?

It is very active, with 24 Spiritist Centres affiliated to the Union of Spiritist Societies of the State of São Paulo. We have also benefited from the strength of the Spiritist Movement and all their activities in the region, including the city of Matão.

What is your strongest memory from all these years in the Spiritist Movement?

Some events have really left a strong mark on me. One event that took place in one of our regular mediumship group meetings has left a particularly strong mark on me. It concerned a group of Spirits who were getting ready to reincarnate on Earth. They were brought to us in an effort to help them accept the fact that they would be born with physical disabilities as the result of errors made in previous lives. They were aware of those mistakes. I remember that one of them said that at some point of his future existence he would have serious breathing problems and would have to wear an oxygen “vest”. That made me think that in the future science would be able to reduce the suffering of those who now have to carry heavy oxygen cylinders with them.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have a very positive assessment of the work that the Spiritists are carrying out these days, be it in their theoretical studies, in the dissemination of the Teachings, in charity initiatives or in the examples they are giving to the society where they live. We will remain strong if our attitudes in life are compatible with the Gospel. We will be able then to build an atmosphere around us of comfort, serenity, progress and happiness.  

What are your final thoughts, please?

I thank God, Jesus and my Spiritual Friends so much, and every day, for the blessed opportunities of inner reform I have been subjected to. I am also grateful to my wife, Marina, who has always been by my side not only in my daily life, but in the activities we carry out in Spiritism.



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