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por Marcela Prada

 Theme: Solidarity / Prayer

The jalopy of affection

Old Eurico had a jalopy. Twenty-six years ago from now, he was using it for work and to do for a living.

In fact, the two get old together and became inseparable companions. Mr. Eurico lived in a hostel, in the country, and barely earn enough to live. He liked to work, he was happy to be useful, but he often didnít receive or charged very little just to not to leave who needed his services.

Despite his financial difficulties, he always payed the expenses of the car: gasoline, lubricants, taxes etc.

This year, however, the situation got worse. The last day to pay the car tax was coming and he didnít make enough money. Mr. Eurico prayed asking God for a solution.

Mr. Eurico waited as much as possible, always hoping to get the money. However, it didnít happen. So, in the day before the deadline for payment, he cleaned and waxed the old car for the last time and went to the office of an auctioneer. Told the man his story and the motive that forced him to sell the old car.

Combined all the details, Mr. Eurico delivered the car and came home. Not even the relief of lacking of worries about money diminished the sadness of get rid of his jalopy. On the contrary, he thought how difficult it would be not having the vehicle to work.

On the day of the auction, the room was filled with buyers. They were wealthy people, in desire to do good business. The objects were sold one after the other, until it was time to auction Mr. Eurico's car.

To everyone's surprise instead of the auctioneer present the technical features and ask for offers for the vehicle, as usual, he started telling how he was touched by the history of a working man, already old, who looked for him. He said that, more than selling the car, he really needed help. To conclude, although it was a bit afraid of the audience's reaction, he proposed:

- Instead one of you, sirs, buy the car, would you be willing to get together to pay the tax and then help the owner?

The audience was silenced. People looked at each other. One or two of ladies wiped away their tears. Then a man raised his hand:

- I'll pay half the tax - he said.

- Iíll pay the other half - said another immediately.

- Thank you very much! - said the auctioneer, contentedly. - I know the owner will be...

And before he finished the sentence, someone said:

- As the colleagues have been willing to pay the tax, Iíll collaborate buying new tires to replace those already worn.

Got into the great spirit of cooperation that surrounds the moment, others also made offers, donating money to fill the gas tank, checking the brakes, replacing the battery and replacing some broken pieces.

The auctioneer was grateful. The benefit was much higher than expected. In the end, emotion and joy took over.

In a few days, the car was totally improved.

When the auctioneer took the vehicle to the residence of Mr. Eurico and told him what he had done, the old male men barely contain the tears, thrilled with so much kindness. He looked up gratefully to God, because nor in his prayers he had asked so much. He felt the happiest man in town. The auctioneer and all who helped were very happy.

The story could only end like that. The happiness that we offer to a person, it comes back to us in the same way.


Adaptation of a text by Candida Chirello.


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