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Planetary transition: where will we go?

The subject is often mentioned within the Spiritist environment. However, few are aware of what these transformations implicate for us, Spirits affiliated to the Earth. Will we be exiled to another world or will we be reincarnated in the blue planet? What will happen to our world? When will the planetary transition take place?

There are many issues about this complex subject. Therefore, without trying to seek for definitive answers, we will make brief reflections guided by the teachings that the Higher Spirits have left us through selfless mediums, those who work for the good harvest. For some time now the Higher Spirits have helped us to unveil the mantle of ignorance that still covers our eyes regarding this issue specifically and so many others – matters that are important and involve the collectivity.

In advance, it is essential to understand that we are immortal Spirits, millenarian, and that to evolve we will have to cross several physical experiences, in different material bodies and in other worlds, throughout our evolutionary journey.

"In my father's house are several mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you, for I will prepare a place for you". (John 14:2)

There are different worlds in the Universe that are, were or could be inhabited by thousands of Spirits, respecting the different levels of evolution. This is what we call the plurality of the inhabited worlds, one of the pillars of Spiritism.

The Father's house is the Universe. The different abodes are the worlds that circulate in infinite space [...]. Allan Kardec: The Gospel According to Spiritism, Ch. 3, item 2.

As we learn and progress in different orbs, we are helping in the development of other Spirits and also of these planets, which just as we do, tend to evolve into successive "planetary transitions."

"When, in one world, they reach the degree of advancement that this world entails, they move on to a more advanced one, and so on, until they reach the state of pure Spirits. There are so many seasons, in each of which are found elements of progress appropriate to the advance they have already achieved”. Allan Kardec: The Gospel According to Spiritism. Chapter 3, item 5.


This does not mean that we will find extraterrestrial life on other planets, at least as we imagine. It is necessary to know that we are not the only inhabitants of the Universe; however, the physical bodies are not equal. The constitution of matter varies according to spiritual evolution, for the more advanced the Spirit, the lower is the density of matter; moreover, the physical and chemical constitution of the planets can influence the formation of bodies; in this way, we may not want to encounter extraterrestrials as portrayed in Hollywood movies.

Classification or category of inhabited worlds

Allan Kardec presents in his work the following classification of the worlds as to the degree of evolution:

Primitive worlds – in these worlds the human souls are embodied for the first time.

Worlds of atonement and evidence - predominance of evil; they are places of exile of the rebellious Spirits to the Law of God.

Regenerating worlds - there is no expiation in these worlds; they are transitory worlds.

Happy worlds - predominance of good over evil; there is no more evidence and atonement, and Spirits work for the common good.

Heavenly or divine worlds - home of the purified Spirits; there is only good in them.

Among the classifications indicated by Kardec, the Earth is in the state of a world of tests and atonements, that is, it has surpassed only the first stage which is that of the primitive world. We are a world still far behind, especially regarding moral progress. On this planet there is still the predominance of evil over good, which tends to be reversed with the Spirits’ evolution. The Earth provides exile for the souls who need to pass through trials and atonements, which are purifying conditions for the Spirit, however painful.

But, after all, what are tests and atonement? The Spirit Emmanuel, through the psychographics of Chico Xavier, in the book "O Consolador", defines these two concepts:

"Trial is the struggle that teaches the rebellious and lazy disciple the path of work and spiritual edification. Atonement is the penalty imposed upon the wrongdoer who commits a crime".

Tests are, therefore, opportunities granted by God for the development of the Spirit, whereas atonement is imposed and aims at the re-education of the faulty Spirit. We must make it clear that God is not a tormentor, and He only applies this resource to Spirits who are still like children in development, unable to understand what would be most useful for their evolution. This mechanism is the proof of divine mercy, which offers improvement to all through their own merits.

In light of these explanations we can understand why on Earth there are as many ills as wars, slavery, misery and poverty, incurable diseases, epidemics, natural disasters and different forms of collective disembodiment.

"The miseries of this world are, therefore, atonement for its effective and material side, and tests for its moral consequences. Whatever the name may be, the result must be the same: improvement. In the presence of such an important purpose, it would be childish to make a matter of principle a matter of speech; this would prove that more importance is given to words than to things. "(Spiritist Magazine, September 1863 issue)

Planetary Transition

As already stated, the Earth finds itself in the category of the world of trials and atonement evolving into a regenerating world; so the Spirits have warned us with some frequency about the planetary transition, because in order for the orb to evolve it is necessary that its inhabitants also improve.

There are a multitude of planets inferior to the Earth, others that are in the same evolutionary stage and there are still the higher worlds that await us, as Jesus mentioned in His preaching.

"The Earth is classified as a world of trials and atonement. It was materially and morally in a lower state than it is today, and will attain in this double aspect a more advanced degree. It has reached one of its periods of transformation, in which, from an expiatory world, it will become a regenerating world; then men will be happy, because the Law of God will reign in it". (St. Augustine / Kardec, The Book of Spirits, 1984, page 57).

But when will the transition take place?

The answer to this question is not as objective as we would like it to be, as there is no predetermined date for such an event. We must consider that the transformations are gradual and continuous. They tend to occur at the same speed as the progress of the Spirits that are linked to the planet. Certainly, for exactly those reasons, a transition process can take a few millennia.

It is believed that our planet emerged 4.6 billion years ago and the first forms of life 3.6 billion years ago. We note that between the emergence of the globe and the appearance of the first inhabitants there is an interval of 1 billion years. Primates similar to man appeared only 13 million years ago. For us incarnate it is a considerable time, however for the spirituality what counts is the time of the moral transformation. Based on these examples, we may have a vague idea of ​​the time the planets take to evolve.

The mentors of the higher planes advise us that as a result of the reincarnation of thousands of misguided Spirits, who will have their last opportunities, we will experience a difficult time on Earth with increasing crime and corruption, where ethics and morality will be compromised. We will reach the bottom of the well and only then, after this troubled phase, will the transformation actually take place.

"But before this moment arrives, violence, sensuality, abjection, scandals, and corruption will reach levels never before imagined, hitting the bottom, while degenerative diseases, bipolar conduct disorders, heart diseases, cancers, vices and sexual desires will cry out for peace, return to ethics, morals, and balance. Fruits of the passions of the creatures that will suffer the effects in the form of a liberating consummation, the values ​​of integral health, of joy without end, of personal harmony, of integration in the cosmic spirit of life will slowly appear”. (Manoel Philomeno de Miranda / Divaldo Franco ; Planetary Transition)

Where will we go when the Earth completes the transition?

The news of the spiritual plan tells us that many Spirits are living one last opportunity in the world Earth, because for the planet to effect its transformation it is necessary to shelter Spirits compatible with its degree of advance. There is talk of emptying the threshold zones so that the Earth can change its vibratory pattern and thus realize the change.

With this, the queue of the thousands of Spirits who wait for an opportunity to reincarnate increases greatly. Those souls who are in their last stage in this world and who have not yet been able to repair their debts should be transferred to other worlds that are compatible with their degree of advance, that is, they may be exiled from the Earth.

So that we can understand more clearly, we will resort to an important work of contemporary Spiritism, written by the spirit Emmanuel, dictated to the medium Chico Xavier, entitled On the Path to Light. In it, the author makes a historical analysis from the planetary Genesis, even the prospects for our world, according to the Gospel of Jesus.

Chico's mentor narrates that the Earth at some stage of its evolution received a phalanx of Spirits from a planet belonging to the Chapel system, a star located in the constellation called Goat or Coach, which would have similar characteristics with our blue planet. The Chapel was in the process of transformation, just as it is now on Earth, yet it still housed rebellious Spirits that impeded its development and the advancement of other souls who had already achieved a degree of advancement compatible with that planet. It was then that the highest spiritual authorities who direct our galaxy, among them Jesus, decided to transfer those Spirits to the planet Earth, in order to contribute to the progress of our globe and, at the same time, allow the purification of souls transposed from Chapel that remained stationed in their evolutionary process. This is how the peoples known by the general title of the Adamic race appeared, which were important for the formation of the earthly civilization.

The chaplains here arrived were divided into four great peoples: the Arias group, the civilization of Egypt, the people of Israel and the castes of India. The Chaplain exiles then came to add to the yellow and black skin ethnic groups that already existed on Earth, thus contributing to the natural evolutionary process of the planet. Of course, many of them have already returned to their system of origin, after removing their moral debts and winning the merit of return. Others, however, still revolted, remain among the inhabitants of the Earth and there are also those who have become fond of our planet and have remained here voluntarily, even after obtaining the merit of returning to the system of origin. Some of these last ones were contemporaries to the Christ in His visit to the Earth, and help in the task of edification of Christianity.

So it will be with many of us, reprobate in our earthly tasks. We may be exiled to another world of trials and atonement if we still need it, or, if we have already evolved enough, we can stay on Earth and enjoy a world of regeneration.

How to contribute to the planetary transition

If we are affiliated to a world in the process of evolution, it means that we have the opportunity to transform ourselves as well; after all, the Spirits are responsible for the progress of the worlds through their efforts.

"While all living beings progress morally, they progress materially in the worlds in which they dwell." (St. Augustine/Kardec, The Book of spirits, 1984, page 57).

It is up to each of us to initiate the change we want to see in the world. It is not necessary to accomplish great deeds or to carry out major changes; it is only necessary that we follow the recommendation of Christ and be bearers of love and peace. It is always possible to do well through simple gestures, whether with a smile, with a friendly word, lending our shoulder or listening, or just silencing the offense of disaffection. We must build a better future, through our present, of the opportunity we are living now. Let us therefore be the workers of the last hour.



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