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Year 12 - 582 - August 26, 2018

Divaldo Franco in South lands

On the 16th of this month, the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio Grande do Sul paid tribute to our friend Divaldo Franco, a tribune and a medium from Bahia, at a ceremony held at Júlio de Castilhos Saloon, due to the work done by him for the benefit of the human creature, both in the care of children and young people, and in spreading the Spirit Doctrine in Brazil and abroad, as well as for his actions in favour of peace. At the opportunity and on the following days the speaker spoke to the spirits of the cities of Porto Alegre, Novo Hamburgo and Pelotas, as shown by an especial article authored by our collaborator Paulo Salerno.

Allan Kardec Pitta Veloso, of São Paulo, Piracicaba, now based in the city of Itanhaém (SP), former vice-president of USE - Union of Spirit Societies of the State of São Paulo, the unifying organization of the Spirit movement in the state, is our interviewee. Economist and journalist, with specialization in political sciences, the confrere is grandson of João Leão Pitta and Francisco Velloso, who were expressive figures of the spirit movement in São Paulo.

"Planetary transition: where will we go?" This, the title of the Special that illustrates the present edition. In it, André Luiz Alves Jr. seeks to answer several questions that are frequently presented on the subject, since few know what are the implications of these transformations for us, spirits affiliated to the Earth. After all, when will the planetary transition take place? What about us: are we going to be exiled to another world or are we going to stay here?


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