Spiritism For Kids

por Marcela Prada

 Theme: Respect for the environment

You are also responsible

Isadora was watching television with her parents when it broke the news of the dam rupture in Minas Gerais. She said indignantly that big companies are responsible for the degradation of the environment.

- Daughter, are they really the only ones to blame for the pollution and destruction of nature? And do we act responsibly on a day-to-day basis? - her mother asks.

- Mother, I don’t know what you want. - the girl growls - What is our fault in this? – Isadora asks.

- I'll make some questions then we think together:

- Do we take a brief shower and then relax or take a long shower to relax in it?

- Do we consciously wash the dishes?

- Do we re-use the water from the washing machine to wash the sidewalk?

- Do we close the tap while we brush our teeth?

- Do we buy superfluous things, overloading nature?

- While walking on the streets and highways, do we throw paper and other trash on the floor?

- In the supermarket, the pharmacy and the stores, we dismiss plastic and paper bags, whenever possible?

- That sounds insignificant. But imagine, daughter, if millions of individuals have these wrong attitudes? - her mother enquires.

The mother pauses before continuing.

- Isadora, more important than point guilty, it is each person does his/her share. Small gestures of love that multiply can revolutionize the world. You children will be the adults of tomorrow and they must learn to take care of the nature - the mother concludes.

- I’ve never imagined that the little things we do every day could be so important. From now on, I'm going to take your directions more seriously and follow your example - says the surprised girl.

- It's more than that, Isadora. Each of us occupies a space and has his time on Earth. Treating others well, caring for animals and nature, it is our obligation. Having responsible attitudes is the best contribution we can make to the world - the mother completes, with the certainty of leaving a better human being for the world.


Text by Lúcia Noll, from Santo Ângelo (RS).


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