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A View from Above

"Since we will live forever, we must put ourselves above..." I read this from someone else in an internet interview.

We have to put ourselves above setbacks, temporary frustrations, annoyances and others’ opinions. However, could we make such an attempt in the tumultuous course of everyday life? Are we able to practice this wise attitude of maintaining a “view from above”?

After all, according to the understanding of a huge number of people, this is only a guess - of an at most empirical statement. But, necessarily, the greater realities of life will prove, for each one that it is not the affirmative of a simplistic reductionism.

It is a matter of time. And each in its own moment, all will be confronted with evidence, which will counteract the still reluctant tendency to consider as fait accompli only what is required by the scientific postulates bordering on a material reality - thereby neglecting, in an unforeseen way, the extradimensional experiences; the countless individual experiences reported throughout the world in this territory, though mistakenly considered only as fruits of subjectivity.

No. Science, little by little, and even this, already approaches the up to now demonstrated and proven by the so-called “empirical optics”. Increasingly, there is talk of multidimensionality in the parallel universes. Quantum Physics is approaching. In other nationalities, the mediumistic experiences - in only a different terminology - are studied, demonstrated, and allow precious exchanges with the inhabitants of numberless other sectors of the extra-physical life.

Fearful debates about life outside the Earth, and not only in other dense worlds, but on various energetic and frequency levels, expand. And in view of the strictly spiritualist universe, it is no longer necessary to speak here only of the context addressed hitherto in responsible books of Kardec’s Doctrine or in the mediumistic literature, concerning the cities and spiritual colonies of the invisible spheres adjacent to the crust .

Much more exists. Multiple worlds reveal themselves to a state of human consciousness that is fast approaching a maturation point, which will allow it to transcend limits of understanding of what is spiritual evolution, the vast wealth of life in the Cosmos in its most unimaginable forms of manifestation.

Gradually, and in spite of the beliefs or disbeliefs of the reincarnated humanity, life follows majestically in the evolutionary influx of beings of Creation, on all levels of the universe - and drags with it everything and everyone.

The range of consciousness of the human collectivity gradually expands; the realities interpenetrate and reveal themselves, in the absence of the methodical resistance of materialistic scientific research, restricted to the Cartesian limits, and beyond random hints; and the astonishing growth of the number of mediums and sensitives around the world, living and discussing it openly on various fronts, and under various terminologies, will soon imply that the old and narrow vision of considering human life as a random, the fruit of chaos without meaning, without a continuous line and devoid of greater implications and responsibilities – this, yes! - will approach the empirical, the absurd and the improbable.

It is necessary to consider as a truth that, for decades now, levies of beings have been reincarnated continuously, originating from multiple extradimensional sectors. They come to Earth endowed with advanced conscience levels, in comparison to the living of the density of centuries and past decades, and are therefore prepared to sow, also in the material sphere of the planet, the conduct of the necessary naturalness to deal with this greater reality of life, of which none of us is exempt.

The evolutionary spiritual advance, in this way, is not only characteristic of the material spheres of life, or even only of its corresponding ethereal adjacent to the orb. It happens, incessantly, also in the multiplicity of cosmic destinies to which each one of us goes after several stays in the matter, obeying the standards of attunement suitable for each living soul.

In this way, and taking as a certain thing what all the thousands of avant-garde minds already admit peacefully, at the beginning of an era of greater maturity of the human spiritual journey, it remains to be seen whether, in the everyday of restricted perceptions of materiality, we act and will act in a compatible way with the unprecedented revelations of the expansions of consciousness going on in increasing order.

And on a daily basis, will we be prepared to, more and more, “place ourselves above” our main intimate barriers? And, thus, will we live up to happier existential states, in other spheres, and on the sure course of realizing a condition of true fullness, of a spiritual order?

The larger and most difficult tests are precisely those that seem to be the minor ones. They are commonplace; they are those that due to being a commonplace, in the seemingly inconsiderate repertoire of day-to-day amenities, repeatedly harvest us in hazy shows of weakness, smallness, and spiritual immaturity.

They are the episodes that, disregarded from the daily routine, surprise us unpleasantly. They shed light on our most hardened frailties, disappointing us about ourselves, and confronting our more generous perceptions of what we regard as our best personal qualities.

Will we thus be able to place ourselves in the consciousness in which we will live eternally, without becoming desperate in a traffic jam, which robs our exhausted body from hours of its precious rest when we return home?

Can we stand up in the face of a difficult family or professional relationships that test our resilience, tolerance, or even our willingness to reassess mistakes of concept or conduct in a context involving the interests of a community?! Or by witnessing the multiplicity of stressful occurrences in a large city, with its chronic history of insecurity; before the disrespect of many for the traffic laws? By witnessing a chaotic, persistent, and seemingly endless repertoire of personal and collective inaccuracies; of clamorous errors in the urban traffic system, and in the social infrastructure of the cities of a continental country in a state still suffering from development, of consolidating the valuable asset of education in the souls of a people?

Will we be able to put ourselves up in times of crisis, illness, or the suffering of a loved one? Before the differences of perception during a simple routine debate, within a circle of friends? Overcoming the unhealthy compulsion of the judgment of others in countless situations, seeking to remember our condition of eternal living that, quite possibly, we have encountered or we may encounter practical dilemmas identical to those experienced by the targets of our most ruthless criticisms?

We will be able to put ourselves above, to consider that we are not a superior exclusiveness of a race, social situation, country or culture... remembering, although intuitively, or even trying to consider only empirically the chance that we already have, in the vast spiritual past, by those same peoples, ethnicities and cultures of the present moment, so harshly attacked in the transitory characteristics of their diversity, as a rule subjected to political and economic contexts critical and completely unfavorable to the secular development of their nations of origin?!

Can we stand up to admit the high chances that we can keep precious love links of the past in these same cultures then despised, shaped by the inclement clichés of xenophobia of the passing hour? And that, in the future, in this way, can we wait for the flogging remorse of discovering, among these beings in this way mistreated by the transient clamor of self-interested prejudices, a former spouse, a son, or a loving mother from other times?!

Will we be able, mostly, to put ourselves above, from the global, planetary point of view, to see, as a priority, all human beings as the sons of one God, and transitory belongings of a single race of this world? Only in a diversified process of learning and collective or individual evolution happening in different and momentary sectors of space and time?! And yet, shedding the same tears of pain, the same smiles of joy; experiencing love or horror, according to the circumstances of more favorable or unfavorable scenarios of regions of greater or lesser economic prosperity, or of bloody wars, arising from the political complexity that is still insoluble, on a planet where the illusions of eternal power over land, material goods, or even consciences, about human life itself?!

The great and definitive truth is that we bring nothing, we have nothing!

We only temporarily practice in successive sectors of life, to develop, reap and sow personal and collective improvements; to learn and collect experiences, and so on - carrying with us nothing more than ourselves. Nothing but the capacities and virtues cultivated for the best continuity of an endless path towards the happiness dreamed towards the Light - like sunflowers obedient to the same instinctive movement that governs to them the vital function searching for the same Sun.

Therefore, it is necessary that we learn the divine art of “putting ourselves up”.

Our existence is eternal - whether we want to accept it or not, at the present stage of our understanding. However, the sooner we see the great truth, the better we will be able to realize that the great wave that threatened the vessel in the midst of the sea, from much higher in the global view of the ocean, was only a small sinuous movement, impelling travelers forward, in the continuous course of the dance of life in its irresistible yearning for a definitive encounter with a state full of love and happiness.

Eleni Frangatos - eleni.moreira@uol.com.br



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