Letter to the reader

Year 12 - 581 - August 19, 2018

"O Consolador" in a new format

The periodicity continues weekly, but from this date this magazine presents, as to its content, a new format in its weekly editions, which are no longer part of the studies of Kardec´s work, the spirit classics and André Luiz's and Manoel Philomeno de Miranda´s books, as well as the sections "Vernacular Issues" and "The Spiritism answers", all of them moved to the permanent section of the magazine, where they become part of the Estudos Diversos (Several Studies) section -click on link

Doubts presented hereafter by our readers, regarding to Portuguese language and the Spirit doctrine, will be appreciated and, if possible, answered in the Letter to the reader.

Our goal is that the new format, more compact than the previous one, will make it easier for everyone to read our editions.

An interview with the confrere Manoel Azevedo da Silva, based in the city of Rio de Janeiro, author of the book Healthy Attitudes, is one of the highlights of this edition. In it, the interviewee tells us about the content and the proposal of his book.

"Vision from above" is the title and also the theme of this week's Especial, by our collaborator Christina Nunes, from Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Is it possible to put ourselves above the setbacks, the passing frustrations, the annoyances and the opinions of others? The answer to this question is the central subject of the article.

In the year 1945 was born in the city of São Paulo Love and Peace, Spirit and Beneficent Institution, founded with the objective of developing activities focused on human evolution, based on Christian values and spirit principles. A special article written by our collaborator Marcel Gonçalves tells us how it came about and how the important institution works. 


  Astolfo O. de Oliveira Filho
Director of Writing

José Carlos Munhoz Pinto
Administrative Director


Francine Prado





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