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Study on perispirit gains space in Pernambuco

The importance and need for a deepening of knowledge about the perispirit is a must for all who study the Doctrine codified by Kardec. Several scholars write texts and books about this subject, and thanks to the attitude of many Spiritist Centers spread throughout Brazil, groups come together to exchange ideas and knowledge about this part of our Spiritual constitution.

In Pernambuco, the male nurse Eduardo Tavares Gomes (photo), a member of the Medical-Spiritist Association of the State of Pernambuco (AMEEPE), conducts studies on the perispirit, and there is already a demand for new classes.

We talked to him about this matter.

How did the idea of forming a perispirit study group come up?

Here in Pernambuco, in our Spiritist Movement, a person of great relevance began this proposal many years ago. Ernani Menezes was a professor, researcher and Spiritist worker, and was the director for the Allan Kardec and Ceci Costa Spiritist Institute and held a course on perispirit for a long time until he became ill and disincarnated in January 2013.  Ernani maintained a monthly course lasting one year and a half approximately. Each week, he ministered in a different Spiritist Center the same course. Since his disincarnating, I thought several times about this and got to comment with Dr. Rozane, president of AMEEPE, that she should look for someone who continued this work. She was very wise and said that we did not have someone available with the needed profile, and that AME, still recent, had many commitments and that I should wait for a future that would come at the right moment. At MEDNESP 2017 in Rio, the restlessness was already greater and the Spirits told us that we should commit ourselves to take the proposal from the paper and continue with Ernani's proposal - I say proposal because it would not be possible for me to work it. I hesitated for a moment, but I agreed, believing that I would have time to prepare myself and also that it would only take place from 2019 onwards. However, they were emphatic that it was time for this study to begin and so we started the meetings in September of the same year. Our AME did not have a large room for a big study group, so we contacted a Spiritist Center that had a good relationship with AME - the Uniao Espirita a Caminho da Luz - UNILUZ, which opened their doors for us immediately. We had hoped that we would form a class with about 20 students, but the demand surprised us: there were almost 170 enrolled, which we allocated in two classes and a waiting list. The volunteers from UNILUZ collaborated with the registrations, the secretarial work and the house prepared to receive the pupils preparing the course in every detail, and with affection. We started the Perispirit Studies Course with representatives from 14 centers in the metropolitan region of Recife (PE), from six different cities! It was a joy to see that there was a repressed demand interested in the study and also because it was the first course of our AME to have that reach. It was a joy to see the continuity of the proposal of our Ernani Menezes!

How are the classes?

The classes are monthly and the class receives the list of references. The issues go from the study of fluids, to the evolution of forms on Earth and to the acquisition of automatism, to later reach the study of the perispirit itself: concept, nature, functions, properties, centers of force and their role in the laying on of hands, mediumship, in birth and in the processes health-disease and death-dying. The references are the Spiritist Codification and the Spiritist Magazine (a source of much information and we Spiritists would gain a lot if we consulted it more frequently), the first hour workers of the Spiritism, such as Leon Denis and Gabriel Delanne, the works of Andre Luiz and Emmanuel, the work of other Spiritist researchers, such as dr. Zalmino Zimmerman, and AME researchers such as Marlene Nobre and Decio Iandoli. There is a lot of Spiritist reference that makes a revision of these authors, as well as Spiritualist works on the subject, in particular on the centers of force. Few works compose the material of our meetings, only those that do not disagree with the reliable references that we mention.

Who are the most interested in the course?

The most interested in the courses are the Spiritist workers and many who are doing or who have just completed the regular courses offered in their Spiritist houses. As the public is Spiritist, our care is in translating the Spiritist research or not that builds that range of knowledge on the subject, making it accessible.

We refer to recent studies and research, as well as to propositions that are in the process of finding evidence in the field of science, but which have been revealed by the Spirits about the relations between perispirit and body, in genetics and in the cellular machinery, impacting on the physiology of all the organism and expressing the vibrational state of the Spirit, its history and integrality.

Is the course only held in Recife? Is it planned to extend it, via the internet, to other locations?

We are currently only in Recife. However, there is a UNILUZ project to be able to broadcast live. When the project materializes, it might lead us to distance learning too. However, if anyone is interested in starting a study like ours, just contact us and we will send you a script and references. Here's our contact:

Eleni Frangatos - eleni.moreira@uol.com.br



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