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The Proud Sheep

Once, a very intelligent, but undisciplined sheep began to feel very important and to think that it was better than the others.

It began to revolt against the shearing. It was humiliating to cut off its wool from time to time. It was cold and it did not like those huge scissors.

It considered only the losses it suffered, forgetting that it was well fed and well cared for by its caretakers.

So, bitter, it turned to God.

- Father, I am not satisfied with my coat. Shearing is a torment. Modify me, Lord!

The Father, responding kindly, said to it:

- What do you want, my son?

As it was very conceited, the lamb replied:

- I want my wool to be all gold!

And so it happened. The lamb became all gold! But as soon as the proud animal showed itself full of precious hair, several ambitious people attacked it unmercifully. They yanked it violently out of it, leaving it aching and bruised.

The unhappy, unsatisfied, ran to the Creator and begged:

- Father, change me again! I cannot have gold wool. It would always find thieves without compassion.

The Creator asked:

- What do you want me to do?

The sheep, with mania of greatness, asked:

- I want my wool to be made of exquisite porcelain.

Then, the sheep had its wool turned into porcelain.

As soon as it returned to the valley, there was a great gust of wind in the sky. The fine porcelain threads did not resist the force of the winds and they broke, forming pieces that cut its skin.

Afflicted, it complained again:

- Father, renew me! ... The porcelain does not withstand the wind ... I am all wounded!

- What do you want me to do? - Said the LORD.

The lamb did not even think and said:

- Not to provoke thieves, nor to hurt me with broken china, I want my wool to be made of honey.

The Creator satisfied its request again. The wool of the lamb became the purest of honey. But as soon as the sheep went out to walk, flocks of flies covered it, and no matter how far it ran, it could not get rid of the unpleasant insects that fed on its sweet honey strands.

The sheep, already weary, returned to God, begging:

- Father, modify me ... Honey did not work!

Again the Lord asked:

- What do you want me to do?

This time, the sheep thought longer. It needed something that would value it, without causing it any trouble. Finally, it replied:

- I would be happier if my wool were from lettuce leaves!

Attending, once more, it returned happily to the plain, in the capricious illusion of being special and better than other animals. But when some horses saw the lamb, it did not get better luck than the other times. They clutched it with its teeth and ate, uncared for, all its delicious wool of green leaves, gnawing at its body.

The lamb ran toward the Lord. It was wounded and bleeding. The Kind Father, realizing that it had sincerely repented, observed:

- Revive yourself, my son! What are you asking now?

Sad and sorrowful, the lamb blew out, weeping:

- Father, I cannot stand it! I want to be a common lamb again, as I always have been. I do not intend to be superior to my brothers.

And finished:

- I want to be simple and useful, as the Lord has done to me! Today I know that my shearers are my friends. They never left me wounded and they always gave me to drink and to eat.

The Creator smiled, kindly, blessed it tenderly and said:

- Go back and go your way in peace. You have finally understood that my designs are just. Each creature is placed, by my Law, in its proper place and, if it intends to receive, learn to give.

Then the sheep, ashamed, but satisfied, went back to the valley, mingled with the others, and thereafter it was very happy.


Adaptation of the story "The Sheep Revolted" from the collection "The Life Speaks", written by Neio Lucio, psychographed by Chico Xavier.


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