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Year 11 - N° 524 - July 9, 2017

The terrestrial psychosphere and the spiritual spheres (Part 1)

Involving the planet Earth and projecting itself to immense distances there are layers of mental currents, a result of what the embodied and disembodied men think and how they live and act: that is the terrestrial psychosphere!

In a planet such as ours where evil surpasses good, these layers, formed by the swirling of good or bad thoughts that intersect - now in tune with, now with repulsion - are, of course, contaminated by the most harmful vibrations, which tend to influence, if not all, most of Humanity.

It happens that extrapolating the physical silhouette all living beings have a radiant aura. In humans, in particular, the vibratory intensity and chromatic characteristics are consistent with their moral evolution and behavior.

In the human aura, of protective action as the "electromagnetic tunic" (...), "energetic halo" (...), "vibratory shell, a kind of fluidic carapace" (…),“as an ovoid field”, in the reliable expressions of the Spirit Andre Luiz[1], that are located the openings of the vital centers of force (chakras), that now capture, now exhaust energies, incessantly.

There is no objection to consider that said aura is the psychosphere of each human being, "through which" (still according to Andre Luiz) "we are seen and examined by the Superior Intelligences, felt and recognized by our fellows."

In this way, it is true that the external influence, if negative, will only happen if there is psychic unraveling, i.e., moral non-vigilance of which our aura will give us an infallible identification.
The Divine Law solidly considers that "to each according to his works”...

The sum of all auras, with their radiating projections interlacing, resulting from the incessant thoughts of the human creatures (embodied and disembodied) will form the psychosphere of the world in which they live, plunged and mentally sustaining themselves in this sea of ​​vibrations and waves – electromagnetic currents, finally. In our case, the Earth.

Every thought or action has reflections in the terrestrial psychosphere, although imperceptible, individually, but expressive, as a whole.

Something like the so-called "butterfly effect", referring to the initial conditions within the theory of chaos[2], which according to popular culture, makes the flapping of wings of a simple butterfly influence the natural course of things and, thus, cause a tornado on the other side of the world.

Surely, this is an overstatement, but likely regarding the psychosphere.

The terrestrial psychosphere is the sidereal address where all men go when they are disembodied, which means that we spend a lot of time there...

Exhaustively, the Spirits in higher moral progress inform that, although without demarcated boundaries in the spiritual regions that make up the terrestrial psychosphere, in each of them only the Spirits accredited by their evolutionary degree live there. And this is true at all levels of moral platform.

Hence in outer space there are many spiritual layers, or as Master Jesus taught: "there are many mansions in my Father's house."
I do not object thinking that the Christ thus expressed himself, referring already from our blessed planetary house.


There is no personal opinion here, indeed, always put aside...

In order for the readers themselves to analyze, think and arrive to a conclusion, I am referring to the pronouncements of various Spirits, scholars of Spiritism, all dealing with this instigating subject: the spiritual spheres.

In the careful reading of these records one realizes that just as the planet is surrounded by atmospheric layers, which science has already defined, in the same manner - in its astral part - spiritual regions surround it too.

These regions have an intense life and in each inhabit Spirits - perhaps millions of them -, allocated by the Divine Laws, invariably in the direct reason of individual merit, that is, the inhabitants of each region have in themselves a similar harmony and evolutionary level.

Thus, as the Great Law contemplates free will, there are happy and unhappy dwellings, all built and maintained by their dwellers.

Another detail that I picked up: many are the denominations for these astral stations, but all converging to the same characteristics: spiritual layers, astral regions, spiritual spheres, spiritual steps, dwellings of light, etc. are some of the names found. On this detail I allow myself to emphasize these expressions, thus highlighting the statement.

Following is a brief summary of some of the details I have learned from the Spiritist literature about spiritual spheres:

I start, obviously, by: 

1. Allan Kardec

"Heaven and Hell", 32nd Ed., 1984, FEB, RJ / RJ

- In Part 1, Chapter IV, items 1,5,7, commenting on the "Hell", it is stated that in Antiquity man believed, by intuition, that the future life (after death) would be happy or unhappy, according to the good or the evil practiced in this world.

Both the Ancients and the Christians located the kingdom of happiness in the higher regions; in the lower regions (dark, terrible cavities in the center of the Earth) would be those condemned to eternal torments.

By analogy, it turns out that the hell of the pagans had, on the one hand, the Champs Elysees, and on the other, the Tartarus; on Olympus, situated in the upper regions, was the abode of the gods and the deified men.

In the Gospel it is written that Jesus descended into Hell, i.e., to the low places to take away the souls of the righteous, who awaited the coming of Jesus.
The abode of the Angels, like the Olympus, was in the high places, which they placed it beyond the stellar sky, then considered limited.

- In the 1st Part, Chapter IX, no. 13: it is recorded that the banished Angels, in legions, live in the lower layers of our atmosphere and travel all over the globe.

"The Genesis," Chapter XIV, 35th Ed., 1992, FEB, RJ / RJ

- In item 9 Kardec thinks makes considerations about the nature of the fluid (perispirit) of the Spirit, which is always related to its degree of moral progress. The Lower Spirits cannot change it at will. Therefore, many coarse Spirits believe themselves to be still incarnate and for this reason remain on the surface of the Earth.

- In item 10 one sees: (...). "The layer of spiritual fluids that surrounds the Earth can be compared to the lower layers of the atmosphere, heavier, more compact, less pure, than the upper layers."

The intimate constitution of the perispirit is not identical in all the embodied or disembodied Spirits that populate the Earth or the surrounding space.

2. Léon Denis

"In the Invisible", 1st Part, 16th Ed., 1995, FEB, RJ / RJ

Item III, p. 51, reports on the degree of purity of souls: the ethereal, radiant and sublime harmonies are elevated to the "divine spheres"; however, the dark and evil souls are impelled into the lower regions, a scenario of struggle and suffering.

"After death", 12th Ed., 1st Part, 1983, FEB, RJ / RJ

- Item 3, "Egypt": The lower and evil souls are bound to the Earth by multiple rebirths, but the virtuous souls fly upwards to the upper spheres, where they recover the sight of the divine things. They are imbued with the lucidity of the conscience enlightened by pain, with the energy of the will acquired by the struggle. They become luminous, because they possess the divine in themselves and radiate it in their acts. Reanimate your heart, Oh Hermes, and reassure your Spirit obscured by the contemplation of these flights of souls ascending the scale of the spheres that leads to the Father, where everything ends, where everything begins eternally. And the seven spheres said together: Wisdom! Love! Justice! Beauty! Splendor! Science! Immortality! (My griffins).

- Item 33: "Life in Space": Souls are placed and grouped in space according to the degree of purity of their respective wrap; the condition of the Spirit is in direct relation to its fluidic constitution, which is the work itself, the result of its past and of all works. Determining their own situation, they then find the reward they deserve. While the purified soul travels through the spacious and brilliant vastness, it rests at ease on the worlds, and sees no limits to its flights; the impure Spirit cannot depart from the vicinity of the material globes 

3. Andre Luiz

“Evolução em dois mundos”, (Evolution in Two Worlds), A.Luiz / F.C.Xavier-W.Vieira, Part 1, "Spiritual Spheres", 11th Ed., 1989, FEB, RJ / RJ

- Chapter 13: Many communicators of the Spiritual Life have stated in several countries that the immediate plan for the residence of man is subdivided into several spheres. This is in fact not from the point of view of space, but rather under the prism of conditions.

“Libertação”, (Liberation), A.Luiz / F.C.Xavier, 6th Ed., 1974, FEB, RJ / RJ

- Chapter IV, pages 52-53 and 62 and Chapter V, page 93: Rescue team crosses the spiritual regions "in descent". There: a vast dominion of the shadows; volition is impossible; sinister and distressing vegetation; shrieking cries from the ponds; teams of armed Spirits, in weird costumes, are not a friendly presence. After a plateau that broke in an abrupt cliff, in a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers, there were cavities and abysses, where thousands of creatures abounded and abused the sacred gifts of life.

"Nosso Lar" (Our Home), 48th Ed., 1998, FEB, RJ / RJ

- Chapter 12, pages 69-71, Chapter 16, pages 90-91: the Umbral is a dark zone, and it begins in the Earth's crust. There is a concentration of compact legions of ignorant souls, neither wicked (to be sent to colonies of more painful remedy), nor nobles: to deserve higher plans.

The Spirit Andre Luiz tells us that his mother lives in a "high sphere" and that his father lives in a "zone of compact darkness"; his sisters are in the Umbral, clinging to the Earth's crust.

Note: In the book "Cidade do Alem” (The Astral City), by FCXavier, Heigorina Cunha and the Spirits Andre Luiz and Lucius, 24th Ed., 1983, IDE, Araras / SP, there are explanatory figures with purely pedagogical sketches: one can see the Earth and the adjacent spiritual spheres (layers). Information from the authors of the book shows that the city Nosso Lar (Our Home), marked with a star, is located in the 3rd sphere above the Crust, over an extensive region of the State of Rio de Janeiro (between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Campos / Itaperuna), in the boundary that can be defined as the periphery of the Umbral).

4. Camilo, the Spirit

"Memorias de um suicida" (Memoirs of a suicide), Spiritual Author "C.C.Botelho", psychography of Yvonne. A. Pereira, 5th Ed., 1975, FEB, RJ / RJ

- Chapter I, pages 15-16: treating the regions of the invisible world describes the desolate panorama of the region where it was seen ("valley of suicides"), imprisoned after committing suicide: deep valleys, sinister caves, only shadows, sinuous gorges; howls of groups of angry demons; air very dense, suffocating, cold, dark; there will never be peace, comfort, hope in that place... (This article will be completed in the next issue.)


[1] In “Evolução em Dois Mundos” (Evolution in two Worlds), A.Luiz/F.C.Xavier-W.Vieira, 1st Part, Chapter. XVII, “Human Aura”, 11th Edition, 1989, FEB, RJ/RJ.

[2] Chaos Theory: for physics and mathematics it is the hypothesis that explains the functioning of complex and dynamic systems. An example: in nature, where such systems are common, the formation of a cloud in the sky can be triggered and developed based on hundreds of factors such as heat, cold, water evaporation, winds, climate, etc.


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