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Year 11 - N° 518 - May 28, 2017

A chat with Henderson Marques Lopes

“God loves all creatures with the same intensity” is the title of our editorial which brings considerations about the especial “The love message of the shack”, written by Christina Nunes.

Economist, retired professor for the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (MG) and the current president of the Antônio Pereira Fine Arts Association, Henderson Marques Lopes is our interviewee. Author of the book Spirit Memory, which talks about historical dates and spirit characters, Henderson tells us about his book and many other relevant subjects to the spirit movement.

“The love message of the shack” is the title of the especial authored by Christina Nunes, from Rio de Janeiro, one of the spots of the present edition, in which the author comments its content, as well as the bound messages by the movie The Shack.

Last Sunday, May 21st, Divaldo Franco spoke to spirits and Spiritism supporters living in Netherlands, the seventh country most visited in his most recently doctrinal excursion through European countries, which began on May 10th in Paris, France. Ênio Medeiros, from Santa Cruz do Sul (RS), tells us how it was.


It was published on May 26th by EVOC – Virtual Publisher of The Comforter the e-book “Manifestations of the Spirit of a living person (in which conditions it occurs)”, authored by Paulo da Silva Neto Sobrinho. The book, which does not have printed edition but only virtual, can be read or downloaded for free. Here is the link: EVOC

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