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Year 10 - N° 510 - April 2, 2017

Santa Rita do Sapucaí, MG (Brasil) 


Eleni Frangatos - eleni.moreira@uol.com.br


Hugo A. Novaes


Part 2 - final

In the third case, the Spirits will not accept inconvenient behavior and sexual abuse, as may have happened in the first two cases, since they are already morally and spiritually enlightened and this gives them the power to discipline their emotions and desires. Their main purpose is to guarantee that they fulfill their mission as humans. This temporary inversion does not shock, it does not disturb or even destroy their personality; on the contrary, it will give them greater security and tranquility to accomplish their work, for the benefit of Humanity. They will also not stop suffering difficult moments and bitter experiences, especially regarding their feelings, but they will endure the affection solitude with faith, courage, love and high idealism. The Spirit Emmanuel tells us: 

"They choose to live temporarily hidden in the carnal armor, with which they are guaranteed against irreversible evil influence, in the emotional world, so as to persevere, without greater difficulties, in the goals they embrace". (17.21) 

Homosexuality: deep struggles of feeling and identity

In these three cases they cannot be fulfilled regarding a normal marriage, even when they undergo surgery to change their physiological sex, because they will not obtain, by means of Science, the blessings of motherhood, nor the ability to impregnate a woman, and this is a great frustration for life. Understanding these inner deep struggles of feeling and identity, we must accept it, and have Christian compassion towards them.

Homosexuality in the first two cases is atonement and a much more painful experience than in the third case, because of the moral difficulties and vices in which they are usually found.

Let us respect the emotional and sexual life of each partner in this transient experience of homosexuality. If we find it difficult to accept, tolerate, and live with these brothers in God, let us remember that we could now be incarnated in a body other than our minds determine in the matter of sexuality. We could be going through the same emotional and psychological struggles of our homosexual brothers, feminine or masculine. Their spiritual struggles could be ours in our future incarnation. We should love them as they are, with all the characteristics of their psychological personality, for they are also immortal Spirits, with valuable knowledge and respectable virtues, acquired in centuries and centuries of learning through their past lives.

If homosexuals need to improve regarding their behavior, moral and sexual issues, so do the heterosexual creatures, called "normal" in their sexual activity, because they also have moral and character serious issues to be solved by disciplining their feelings.

If these cases are millions around the world, it is because unbalanced sex is one of the most common problems to be solved by most of the Spirits on Earth. The homosexual experience demands from the Spirit a hard discipline, as Andre Luiz puts it:

"(...) many Spirits reincarnate under inverse conditions, whether to atone, or to accomplish specific tasks, which require a harsh discipline on the part of those who request or accept them. (...) men and women can be born homosexual or inter-gender, in the same manner as they are susceptible of living in a body as a mutilated or with a handicap in certain areas, adding that the soul reincarnates, in this or that circumstance, to improve and to become more perfect and never to become evil (...)". (29.11-2P)

Therefore, most of us cannot be regarded sexually as absolutely normal, not regarding the body, but yes regarding the psychological manifestations, saying "I am totally a man" or "I am a fully woman" because one will always possess a little or a lot of the characteristics or the psychological qualities of the other sex.

Regarding this issue of homosexuality, the Spiritist should not manifest negative judgements such as: surprise, disappointment, strangeness, mockery, condemnation or disdain, for none of us when living as humans is totally balanced, nor sure of our emotional and sexual life. Throughout our several lives, we all acquire qualities of masculinity and femininity.

Although the psychological characteristics of one of them appears in a greater degree - defining us as a man or a woman - we all also carry, to a lesser extent, in our mental structure, some traits of the opposite sex, manifesting in our aptitudes and tendencies. We are always the sum of masculine and feminine qualities in our psychological collection, although one of them is in greater number of reflexes in our sub-consciousness. 

The Spirit Andre Luiz helps us to analyze in greater depth the spiritual reality of ourselves:

"(...) in the Planetary Crust sexual issues are based on physical signs, which differentiate man from woman and vice versa. However, he pondered that this does not totally define reality, because above all this, there is an immortal Spirit, sometimes millenarian, bringing with him a sum of complex experiences, which compels earthly Science to state that there is no total masculinity from a psychological point of view. Men and women in Spirit show a certain percentage of masculine or feminine characteristics in each individual, but this does not guarantee possibilities of a normal intimate behavior for all, according to the concept of normality that the majority of men established for the social environment". (29.09-2P)

The phenomenon of bisexuality

If we can define ourselves as man or woman considering our physical body, we cannot say the same regarding our psychic world, which in almost all creatures will present the phenomenon of bisexuality, i.e., manifesting qualities, aptitudes, sensibility, character and tendencies of both sexes, although one of the characteristics is in greater percentage, determining femininity or masculinity. 

Let us see what the Spirit Emmanuel tells us about the phenomenon of bisexuality:

"Through millennia and millennia, the Spirit goes through several reincarnations, now in a position of femininity, now in conditions of masculinity, which sediments the phenomenon of bisexuality, more or less pronounced, in almost all creatures. Man and woman will thus be in a respective way, markedly masculine or markedly feminine, without an absolute psychological specification". (17.21)

Love with no prejudice. Respect for the psychological structure.

As followers of the Spiritist Doctrine and the Gospel of Jesus, we have enough knowledge to know that we must treat with dignity our brothers, who temporarily pass through the hard experiences of homosexuality.

With the Gospel of Jesus in our hearts, parents, educators and technicians of human physical and psychological health can do much to support and assist homosexuals. The confused interpretations of earthly Science do not solve the problems of the Spirit of the homosexual; our demands do not help their tortured feelings; our neglect does not help in the education of their personality.

We do not want to modify the psychological structure, formed in the millennia, with some verbal clarifications of a few months or years. In order to assist the soul needy, the higher values ​​of the deep spiritual vision and the treasures of love in the heart are indispensable, rather than mere goodness. The wise Spirit Emmanuel shows us a goodness that is greater:
"It takes kindness to deal with those who lack physical support; however, in order to bring closer those who are soul needy, we have to offer goodness with matureness". (10.13)

It takes a great deal of enlightenment to understand by means of reasoning and love in the heart, to see and feel the deep moral struggle of these brothers undergoing expiatory experiences in homosexuality, as if they were our beloved relatives, in order to help them lovingly, without demands, without violence and without the silly vanity of judging them and consider ourselves morally superior to them. 

It is also the Spirit Emmanuel who warns us:

"...the world now sees in all countries vast communities of brothers going through this kind of experience, totaling millions of men and women, asking for attention and respect, wanting to be considered equal and have the same respect and attention to that given to heterosexual creatures”. (17.21)

Only with the love of Christ in our hearts, will there be an adequate educational support, anywhere, to the brethren who show misalignments of sexuality.

Let us receive them in our hearts as if they were a son, a father or a mother, giving them sincere friendship, fraternal dialogue, Christian coexistence, understanding, tolerance, sympathy, kindness, attention and respect, in order to love and serve, in the same manner as one day the Divine Master Jesus received in the Portal of Light of his magnanimous heart the soul of Mary of Magdala, who suffered sexual experiences without love, bringing her from the sexual instinct's addiction to the perennial and ever-increasing joys of pure love to the brothers in Humanity.


After such lucid enlightenment, let us look at the issue of the sexuality of the neighbor with other eyes.



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