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Special Portuguese Spanish    

Year 6 - N° 258 - April 29, 2012

Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brasil)

Pedro Campos - pedro@aliseditora.com.br  


Suicide and the abortion of anencephalic babies

Luiz  Carlos Formiga

Anencephalic babies need to live in their bodies, even if the fatality of death after birth leads them back to the Spiritual world

It is with sadness that we learn from the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) the ruling regarding anencephaly, with a score of 8 to 2. Although Brazil has today an expressive number of Spiritualists, we are not yet capable of influencing or helping ministers.

How do you link suicidal behavior to the abortion of anencephalic babies?

Those are two issues that were not very discussed in Spiritualistic Houses, although we could find posters from FEB in them, which included themes like euthanasia and drugs.

What links the abortion of anencephalic babies and suicides are the ones committed from high buildings, such as the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – UERJ. (1,2) Through the works of mediums, we receive information that helps us ponder. On the night of April 11th, 2012, when the Supreme Court studied the issue of anencephalic abortion, the Spirit Joanna de Angelis (1) reminds us that: “nothing in the universe happens as chaotic phenomena, or the result of some disorder that prevails in it. What seems casual, destructive, is always the effect of transcendental programming, which intends to keep order and harmony. To the same extent, human destiny is ruled by the Law of Cause and Effect, which is rightfully responsible for all the occurrences, the more diversified they appear to be.

Joanna mentions the desertion of the rebel who, in the face of problems that appear to have no solution, explaining that “unequipped with superior values that provide self-confidence, optimism and hope, this rebellion, stimulated by the rawness of their beings, which foster selfishness, always transfers the blame for their suffering or their momentary failures to others, to the so-called unfortunate circumstances, which they consider unfair and, taken over by despair try to run away through defeatist and forlorn means which degrade him even more, among which we mention the atrocious suicide”. “In the wide spectrum of instruments used to kill oneself, the one perpetrated by means of spectacular falls from high buildings disarticulates the physical brain and practically destroys it…” 

To stop the development of a fetus in the mother’s womb is a hideous crime towards life 

On the 12th of August, 2011, we were at a symposium at UERJ (2). Upon arriving, we observed the visual communication, in the elevator hall, bringing architecture and prevention together.

“Eiffel Tower. 370 people committed suicide from 1898 to 1971. They put up protective rails.”

“Reichstag (Berlin). New safety barriers were put up and the police force was increased in order to avoid the growing number of suicides that take place in its dome.”

“It does not stop there, however, the damage done, reaching the delicate tissues of the outer Spirit, which will find a way to recompose the future material apparatus for the continuation of the evolutionary journey. It is inevitable the rebirth of those who seek the extinction of life, bearing physical and mental disabilities, particularly anencephaly.” (1)

Joanna de Angelis assures that: “many of those anencephalic babies, however, are not completely destitute of brain matter. There are, in this way, different kinds of anencephaly.”

Because of medical error, the Federal Council of Medicine created a special commission to regulate the diagnosis of anencephalic fetuses. This group will have two months to establish the criteria. (3)

Besides that, Brazil will count on over 30 hospitals to meet the demand. (4)

On the other hand, even the true anencephalic babies, says Joanna de Angelis, “need to live in the body, even if the fatality of death after birth brings them back to the spiritual world. To interrupt the development in the mother’s womb is a hideous crime towards life. They have life, although in different patterns from what is considered normal by the current genetic knowledge…”

It is not about things that happen within the woman, but children, who could not resume their full organic development, for they are a result of conception, the union of a spermatozoid and an egg.    

We may say that, in the politics of abortion, they wish to dehumanize the embryo 

It happens though, that the mother is not a victim of divine injustice or the infamous Law of Accidental Chance, for she was also responsible for the suicide of that particular Spirit who now looks for her to, together, achieve the inevitable process of crime reparation, the restoration of the peace and balance destroyed earlier.

When legislation goes crazy and makes legal the abortion of anencephalic babies, making its application easy, society moves in the direction of legitimizing all cruel forms of abortion.”

This was also one of the concerns of minister Lewandowski: “it would open the gates to the interruption of pregnancy of countless embryos” (5) and validates the question we asked before: and after anencephalic babies? (6)

Joanna warns us: “…and when humanity kills a fetus, get ready for other hideous crimes that culture, ethics and civilization should have eliminated in the vast process of intellectual and moral growth. All the recent arbitrary and dictatorial governments started their extravagant and terrible dominations, making abortion legal and ending up, after some time, with concentration camps where lives are terminated triggered by morbid prejudices of race, ethnicity, religion, politics and social…

The sickness reaches, thus, a climax, when life is devalued and the human being becomes disposable”.

We may say that, in the politics of abortion, they wish to “dehumanize” the embryo. (7)

Joanna appeals: “show compassion and love the child in your womb, begging without words the opportunity to redeem himself. Consider if he was born well formed and normal, showing after some problem of idiocy, of hebephrenia, of degeneration, losing his intellectual or motor functions, as it happens often, would you kill him too? If you exercise abortion of anencephalic babies now, tomorrow you will require the legal disposal of the limited child, sparing him the suffering as alleged in the case of the anencephalic. 

Chemical dependency is alone capable of disassembling the biological organizational model 

Is every anencephalic child a reincarnated Spirit? (8)

In “O Cirurgiao e a Doença da Negaçao” (The Surgeon and the Disease of Denial) (9) we discussed the difficulty of a doctor in face of alcoholism and stated that the end could be different. He tells of his love of guns and target shooting. One day his son took everything out of the house, because he intended to shoot his own head. Chemical dependency, not only by alcohol, is also capable to disassemble the biological organizational model and therefore lead to a condition, which, at first sight, could be confused with anencephaly. Imagine that, aggravated by a shot in the skull. Joanna comments that suicide by firearm has the same effects of spectacular falls from buildings or precipices. After this decision by the STF, I believe we should adopt a “special booklet of prayers”, such as the one by Divaldo P. Franco, where he wrote “the suicidal on the train”. (10)  






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