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Year 5 - N° 209 - May 15,  2011

Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brasil)

Renata Rinaldini - renatarinaldini@hotmail.com


Could Chico Xavier be the reincarnation of Allan Kardec?

years ago, within the Brazilian Spiritist movement, a hypothesis arose that the much missed medium Francisco Xavier had been the reincarnation of the sublime encoder Doctrine of Spirits. This was released mainly by some colleagues from Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Goias.

However, in any disclosure, the criterion adopted by Kardec should always be employed, using the test of consistency, putting every detail through the bevel of criticism, without the researcher being part of any form of extremism.  The thought of the enlightening Spirit named Erastus, found in "The Mediums’ Book", part 2, chapter 20, item 230, is valid: "When in doubt, abstain, says one of your old sayings. Do not permit, therefore, whatever is not for you undeniable evidence. When you see a new opinion, for less it seems doubtful to you, pass it through the test of reason and logic. That which reason and common sense fail, boldly reject. It is better to reject ten truths than to accept one lie, one false theory. "

Grounded in prudence taught by Erastus, one can not immediately ratify the hypothesis proposed, without studying the issue profitably, and only then draw the immediate conclusion.

However much we love Chico, the truth is louder: there is a deep abyss separating him from Kardec. Reading and peering into the biographies of these two great figures of humanity, there is wide discrepancy, especially in the psychological field. It draws very much attentionthat their personalities are extremely opposite: Chico revealed himself a markedly feminine Spirit, and though he was reincarnated in the masculine polarity, showed some remarkable female mannerisms, also he equally exteriorized a more sensitive temperament. It is easy to see that the Spirit found itself reincarnated in the body separated from its psychological structure, a markedly female mind.

Allan Kardec teaches in the Revue Spirite on January 1866 that "the spirits incarnate in the different sexes. A spirit that was a man can reborn as a woman, and a spirit who was a woman could reborn as a man in order to fulfill the duties of each of these positions, and endure their tests.". "Then it may be that the Spirit can go through a series of existences in the same sex, which means that for a long time, he can keep in Spirit, the character of the man or woman from which the trait remained. By changing gender, it may, therefore, under this trait, in its new incarnation, it retains the tastes, tendencies and characters inherent to the gender it has just left. This explains certain apparent anomalies which are seen in the character of some men and some women." 

"I have no resemblance to that brave and strong man who left us eighteen wonderful books"

Dear Francisco Cândido Xavier, successful in the task for which he had to perform, is a sharply feminine spirit who reincarnated, naturally, by mission, in the male body.To carry out important tasks in the intellectual and moral field of humanity, the being, albeit with a sharply feminine mind, reincarnates in the body separated/dissociated from its psychological structure.In the camps of the spiritist movement, especially the ones to do with exercising mediumship, we find many of these brothers on earthly walk, in blessed and loving tasks. ("Trans-sexualism by Mission ").

If Chico Xavier was the reincarnation of Kardec, we emphasize that we are facing a philosophic aberration known as spiritual retrogression, since the codifier is presented as a spirit completely in harmony with his masculine polarity, unlike Chico Xavier, who said on 28th August, 1988, in an interview to Diário da Manhã, Goiania-Goias, answering the question whether he would be Kardec reincarnated: "No, I'm not. (...) I say this calmly. I am not.I consult mypsychological life, my tendencies. Everything I have inside my heart is me. I have no resemblance to that brave and strong man who, in twelve years, left eighteen wonderful books. "

If Chico Xavier was actually a valiant, bold, austere, brave man endowed with a highly masculine personality, giving his opinion without hesitation (the esteemed medium could not say no to people), there would certainly be a coherent attempt to initially identify him as Kardec reincarnated. However, reviewing the biography of Chico Xavier, through the view of Kardec’s method, using reason and logic, always seeking the truth, without sentimentality and fanaticism, it is impossible to verify the medium being the great codifier of Spiritism, even if he still required greater experience and experiences in the masculine polarity.

Allan Kardec, At the time Chico Xavier was reincarnated, manifested himself through a medium many times, including in front of Léon Denis, according to the account in his book "The Celtic Genius and the Unseen World " (editions CELDA, pages 277-332). Many may argue that this phenomenon is possible, but spiritist codification teaches that evocation of living people has its difficulties because of the remarkable influence of matter ("The Book of Mediums", item No. 284, 42nd). At the same time, it would be very difficult for the incarnated Spirit to be able to present itself bearing a previous personality, lived in a bygone existence. If so, presenting himself as Kardec, Chico would have absolute certainty of this reincarnation and would not deny it. 

There is no perfect medium, and the best of all is the one who has been less mistaken

On the contrary; in the TV program "Pinga-Fogo 2 Chico reported having experienced in several lifetimes, an intellectual overthrown and that he returned as a medium to redeem this debt. He expressed his account thus: "... we are informed by him [Emmanuel] that, in other lives, much abuse of intelligence, we in person ... "and he also reproduced the words of Emmanuel: "You will not write books in person, because you yourself resigned it ... your spirit, wearied by many intellectual abuses within, now wanted to sell your physical possibilities to the rest of us, spiritual friends."

According to this information, it would have been impossible for Chico Xavier to have been Kardec, as the codifier was victorious in his mission, not limiting himself to the observation of phenomena of mediumistic communication, since he delved into this exchange and broadly unfolded the spiritual universe, learning its laws and its relationships with the physical world.

Unlike the brilliant intellectual work performed by Kardec, Chico was characterized only as an intermediary of the Spirits, knowing that Kardec’s codification emphasizes that there is no perfect medium (Revue Spirite, February 1859, "Pitfalls of Mediums") and the best of all is the one who has been less mistaken ("The Mediums’ Book", chapter 20, No. 226, 9th).

It is important to highlight that Kardec would not reincarnate to be assisted by one Spirit (Emmanuel), that would answer all the questions, at all times, as it has been thoroughly verified in the TV program Pinga-Fogo 1. Indeed the medium himself told us that he attended the TV studio with Emmanuel’s permission. Incidentally, Emmanuel always exhorted the medium to respect the spiritist philosophy in his faithfulness and quoted Kardec with reverence as a reference.At no time, did the spiritual guide mention the fact that Chico was the codifier himself and was not treated as such. As everyone knows, it was common for Emmanuel to reprimand the medium, warning him rigorously several times, as in the episode of the airplane when Chico loudly voiced his fear of dying.

While Allan Kardec demonstrated a firm and resolute wrist in dealing with people, even being called the "Apostle of the Truth", the medium could not say "no" to the point of swallowing a cockroach in the soup in order to not to let his hostess be constrained ("Beautiful Cases of Chico Xavier, " pages 196-197). The codifier would certainly warn all diners about this serious fact. Once, the beloved Chico, afraid to come across as rude, ate unrestrainedly at the insistence of his hostess and, at the end, was still branded gluttonous and greedy. 

His baldness, which greatly annoyed Chico, was retouched   by a wig or hidden by a colorful cap  

Kardec had to be equidistant from the traditional religions, bearing  a striking religiosity, based on rational faith by separating it from religion (mysticism, worship), restoring faith by reasoning, as he was killed at the stake by the Church, when he lived an experience as the unique personality of the religious reformer John Huss (fifteenth century AD).

Chico, when a Catholic, was extremely devout and practiced the sacraments with fervor. He also collected pictures of saints in his drawer, which were found after his disembodiment. He was intensely mystical; he carried a huge stone on his head in the procession whilst "paying for his sins, removing the "devil ", followed to the letter the parish recipes (he repeated the Hail Mary prayer a thousand times over). He left the Catholic Church because of his extraordinary mediumship.

His baldness, which greatly annoyed Chico, was retouched by a wig or hidden by a dashing hat. Kardec had an incipient baldness and seemed not to bother.

The medium, as opposed to the codifier, always put himself down, calling himself the "beast", "a nothing ", "grass" and "worm".In childhood, Chico was beaten savagely by the woman who welcomed him into her house, as also sustained his stomach wound from a fork. And he was even forced to lick the wounds on the leg of a cousin. Chico suffered many beatings in the playground, receiving punches and kicks from colleagues.The medium was chased by obsessors and affected by spiritual disturbances. At school, in  Zähringen Castle in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, as a disciple of the famous educator Pestalozzi, Kardec  when fourteen years old already orientated his peers, teaching to his less advanced colleagues.

Chico's mother, in a psychographed message, told him not to face mediumship as a gift because "flawed as he was he did not deserve a favour from God" ("The Lives of Chico Xavier, pg. 57). Emmanuel urged him to practice discipline. The Spirit of Eça de Queiroz observed in the medium "amounts of suffering, pieces of sterilizing anguish, sorrowful memories, and crystallized tears" ("The Lives of Chico Xavier ", page 56). On another occasion, whilst feeling intense pain, he requested the presence of Emmanuel, who harshly told him:Your condition does not exonerate you of the need to fight and suffer for your own benefit.” ("The Lives of Chico Xavier ", page74). 

Chico told Arnaldo Rocha that Kardec himself came in the Spirit to guide him at the beginning of his activities  

Our colleague Arnaldo Rocha (former husband of Meimei and a close friend of Chico Xavier since 1946), talked about the much missed medium in a lecture given at the Spiritist Union of Minas Gerais. He said the idea that Kardec and Chico Xavier are the same spirit  is a folly. He also made public the dialogue they had, in which Chico Xavier told him that in fact he had been Miss. Japhet in another incarnation. This medium (Miss Japhet) had a significant role in reviewing the texts of the first edition of "The Spirits’ Books" and that Kardec himself came in the Spirit to guide Chico Xavier in the first months of his training as a beginner spiritist in the town of Pedro Leopoldo . (Note: the video of this lecture can be viewed by clicking http://vimeo.com/9098617). It can be stated, based on the authenticity of the Spirit of Truth’s prediction about the soon return of Kardec ("Thou shalt leave for a few years”), that the codifier may well be wrong in his calculations, since, for Higher spirituality, a few years represent more than three to four tens of years. ("My return should be bound at the end of this century or the beginning of another").

The hypothesis of Chico Kardec being Kardec was also repelled by Herculano Pires ("The best meter that measured Kardec", said Emmanuel), in "Dynamic Course of Spiritism, Chapter 17 ". 

The fact of the medium’s spirit not having had experienced the unique and majestic personality of the Codifier does not depreciate him in any way since, with many physical limitations he was victorious in what he proposed to carry out, and was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1981 and "The Minas Gerais Person of the Year” award was bestowed upon him by the people of the State of Minas Gerais in 2000.

May our dear Master Jesus always bless the dear Chico more and more, illuminating his path before the Infinite. The same blessings are bestowed on the sublime Emmanuel, now living another earthly pilgrimage, already reincarnated among us since 2000, according to previous information from the medium himself.


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