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Year 2 - N° 67 - August 3, 2008

JORGE HESSEN                                                    
Brasília, Federal District (Brasil) 
FELIPE DARELLA - felipe.darella@gmail.com

Apometry and the Spiritist practices

Apometry, the way its followers interpret, is not Spiritism, because its practices are in total disagreement with the recommendations of The Mediums’ Book, by Kardec 

"Better reject ten truths than admit one lie, one false theory.” 
Erasto (1)

Many confreres recur to institutions that practice apometry, because the "treatment" is "stronger". So they say. Unaware followers hypnotized by the dark; keep this kind of bizarre attitude under the applauses of their victims, psychic and mentally jailed.  
If apometry is "stronger" than the service of disobsession, why the absence of the High Spirits?
Why are they silent about it? Curious isn’t it? The silence of the High Spirits is, undoubtedly, a hint that such practice is not good, and, because of that, there are few groups that should erase the name Spiritism from their practices.

For those who do not know, we have searched some information that we found in the propositions of this so-called "advanced therapy". Their followers confirm that "apometry is more fraternal, for it being more effective”. (2) It acts on the core of the obsession and, on a general view; it can aid the medicine of the future in the holistic cure. (Sic)

They say that "apometry accelerates, with quality, the disobsessive services that are still being held in many places in our country". (3) They also say that "the success of apometry lies on the usage of the mediumistic faculty, to get in touch with the spiritual world in an easier and quicker way, whenever it is needed. It can be used, then, as an effective technique in the treatment of obsessions and it happens due to the fact that the protecting Spirits are on the side of the benefitted ones, enabling them to act deeper and faster ". They are unaware, our confreres, that "the cure of serious obsessions requires a lot of patience, perseverance and devotion.” (4) Our doctrinal conscience does not buy into that – since we do not admit it is possible such a quick transformation on Spirits that cultivate hatred so intense.

Not happy, they make another remark: "Diagnoses are much more precise and detailed; (5) the astral operations are executed with a refined technique and the usage of modern devices of well-prepared hospitals in upper regions of the astral world. Through vibrating resonance, the disincarnating receives certain relief, a kind of beneficial warmth that comes from the vital body, but it causes on the incarnated a bad feeling which he complains about".

They also say: "as mankind evolves, the Unknown is being unfolded and the knowledge of spiritual laws, who used to belong to few, is being disclosed, openly, to the researchers with no prejudice".

Distant from being logical, they keep making false statements as these: "From the point of view of Buddhism and Theosophy, the vehicles for the manifestation of conscience (holossom) are divided into seven. From the view of spiritualism, Heterodox Spiritism (sic) and Conscientiology (among others school of thoughts), there are only three vehicles (the physical, astral and mental body), being the energetic one (subtle body or energossom) only one envelope which does not take the conscience". (6)

Another statement: "Apometry works in line. It does not incorporate egos. It does not incorporate vehicles of manifestation of conscience. Once the service in the apometrical house is finished, the apometrical session keeps on in the astral, just like the regular Spiritist sessions". (7) And there is also this one: "with the help from the extra physical guardians (mentors) of the apometrical session, the spiritual sensitiveness of the medium allows a connection with determined conscious aspect of the patient and it does a bioenergetic and psychometrical cleaning in his chakras, nadi, parachakra and paranadi". (?)

Divaldo Franco talks about the weirdness of putting "obsessors in space capsules” and fire them into the erraticity world. "We will not examine the weirdness of such behavior, but, if I, in the condition of the imperfect spirit that I am, got desperate to a place, asking for mercy and support on my madness, and someone else, the next one to me, led me to the magma of the Earth, for me to experience the toughness of a mythological hell or be disintegrated, I would reject that God who inspired this enemy of compassion. Or, if they sent me in a space capsule to be expelled from Earth... With what authority? When Jesus said that his kingdom is of the poor ones?” (8)

Obsessors retired from the mental field of the obsessed one "a fortiori" and are taken to "other planets", or to strange places or extra physical dimension, he says that among the ones who follow apometry, there is a lack of knowledge of the Spiritist Doctrine. Let’s be careful, attending a Spiritist Center is not enough. It is paramount that we study Kardec with seriousness and persistence. The teachings in the Standard books are tricky to be interpreted, and mainly, humility to exercise them.

Observe the following excerpt: "Those who prefer the classic method of religious doctrine, done along the XX century in Brazilian Spiritist and spiritualist centers, criticize apometry, because this one does not "evangelizes" the obsessor. However, in complex spiritual obsessions, the attempt to "evangelize", "move" or "make aware" the obsessor does not work. Evangelizing Black mages is as efficient as teaching lessons of fraternity to a psychopath". And they conclude: "It would be "more fraternal" to let these Black mages free, doing what they do? As a comparison, it would be more fraternal if our policemen did not carry weapons, because they could hurt the thieves and robbers? The relation is the same". (9) (Original quotation)

Our dear Divaldo reminds us that "Our task is to let them light, not fight. The mean, bad, cruel Spirit is our brother in the ignorance".(10) By the same token, the use of energy to keep obsessors away, without the necessary inner reform, indispensable to the real freedom of those involved in obsessive dramas, is against the basic principles of Spiritism, because, by keeping this entities away does not solve the matter. For this reason, apometry, especially by its laws and rites, is not a technique that fits the Spiritist principles, not being, therefore, a recommendable practice in the Spiritist Center.

In this world of fantasy of apometry, we found a gem. Take a look: “The main characteristic of Apometry lies on the comprehension of its spiritual assistance. Apometry investigates the astral body of the patient, its habitat (home or Professional environment), home-based and the odd obsessors (based on other levels of umbral). It is much more powerful than the pass and conventional doctrine. It detects and retires extra physical devices, mechanical and electronic ones (paratechnology) from the psychosom (astral body) of the patient. The passes are not enough for the healing of these patients. In given circumstances, homeopathic medicines of high power destroy these extra physical devices adhered to the aura or the psychosom of the patient. There is a bionergetic practice called "MBE" (basic energetic mobilization) good enough to destroy implants of negative paratechnology. Most part of the mankind is conscientiously immature (spiritual children): they don’t read, don’t study, and don’t take bioenergetic practices."(11)

As we can see, these people adopt diverse terminology of those used by the Spiritist Doctrine and concepts of Eastern creeds. Besides, their principles are against Kardec’s. We should know, there were no manifestations about it in many parts of the world, through known mediums. We should consider, though, there was no Universal Control of the teachings of the technique, as Kardec used to say. (12)

The terms they use impress, really, those who are unaware. Otherwise, let’s see: "quantum leap, spin, depolarization of matter, magnetic fields, astral chips, counting in Portuguese or Greek and energetic wrists. The spiritual perception of the mediums in the sessions of Apometry happens through clairvoyance, intuitive or mental one. In proper tuning, they hit the square power, in which ten tuned workers, and in high synergy, are worth of a hundred people (which is also applied to groups). That’s why it’s important to develop a high technical, mediumistic and synergycal level". (13)

At this juncture of the article, those who support apometry must be horrified, saying: –Jorge Hessen must have several astral chips adhered to his perispirit, hindering his logical thinking... But we are not alone. See what our brother Divaldo Franco, during an interview that was given in the program Spiritist Presence of the Radio Boa Nova, from Guarulhos (SP), in August/2001: "I won’t go any further in talking about apometry, because I am Spiritist. What I can say is that apometry, the way its followers interpret, is not Spiritism, because its practices are in total disagreement with the recommendations of The Mediums’ Book, by Kardec (14). With these weird practices, they open serious precedents for the implantation of rites, totally unacceptable in the Spiritist practice, which is, fundamentally, the Doctrine of the rational faith. In the practice and methods of releasing obsessors, the violence showed, to me personally, looks so shocking, which reminds me of the “an eye for an eye”, that Moses solved with the Legal Code and Jesus consolidated through love. (...) (15)

This is what we think about this subject. Our arguments are consistent, because they are based on Kardec. Of our part, we believe that apometry is a therapeutic method that needs to be studied away from Spiritism to be evaluated. Disobsession is a serious thing.

We conclude with the following sentence: "If someone prefers apometry, leave Spiritism. It is a right! But never mix those two, you can get confused. (“...)”. (16)  

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