Spiritism For Kids

By Marcela Prada


Theme: Love for others

The most important human being in the world

The school's annual challenge was the following question: “Who is the most important human being in the world?” The best answer would win a scholarship for the following year.

Tita really wanted to win the challenge, because her family was going through financial difficulties and the prize would help them a lot.

Determined to compete for the first place, she was ready to fight! The first stop was the Municipal Library, but there were hundreds of biographies of men and women who were and are important to humanity. Tita made some notes but didn't find an answer.

Then the girl searched on the Internet. She looked in several websites, without finding the information she wanted.

Tita then went to ask her mother:

– Jesus! – That was the answer she heard.

– He changed the world. The history and counting of time are divided between before and after his presence on Earth. His teachings are very important for humanity.

It was, without a doubt, a very interesting answer. However, shortly afterwards, Tita remembered that Jesus would never consider himself the most important human being in the world. Although he is the model and guide, the most perfect human being to ever incarnate on Earth, Jesus is humble. He said that everything he did and does we can also do, as we are all brothers and sisters, children of God, a kind and wise Father.

She then remembered several other individuals who dedicated their lives to helping people: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Allan Kardec, Chico Xavier, Divaldo Franco, all of them are examples of love for others.

– That’s it! – said Tita loudly. – I discovered who the most important human being in the world is!

And she wrote the answer that won first prize and the scholarship:

"As taught by Jesus, the most important human being in the world is my neighbor, the one who needs me and gives me the opportunity to carry out charity through thoughts, words and actions. Therefore, considering my neighbor the most important human being in the world, whom I must respect, love and do good, I walk towards God, our Father."


(Text by Claudia Schmidt.)

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