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Year 17 - 860 - February 4, 2024

If we want a better year, let's rethink the way we deal with life

The sentence above expresses the thoughts of therapist Adilson Lorente, from São Paulo (SP), author of the Special “Well-being, happiness and conscience”, one of the highlights of this edition. In the article, in addition to the proposal contained in the sentence that gives the title of this text, he presents the thesis that most of what we learn depends a lot on ourselves, on our attention, on the respect we have for the way of being and thinking of others and also the critical examination of our actions and reactions.

Another highlight of this issue is the interview given to us by Mauro Martins Rebelo, from Macaé (RJ). A culinary professional, the focus of our interviewee's activity, in spiritist activities, is concentrated on the virtual work he carries out at the Núcleo de Estudos Espíritas Cairbar Schutel and at Web Rádio Ser Fraterno, of whose team he is part.

Last Tuesday, January 30th, the e-book Disobsession Meetings (Reuniões de desobsessão) (Moment of welcoming Spirits in disharmony) was published by EVOC – Editora Virtual O Consolador, written by Paulo Neto, contributor to our magazine and member of the team responsible for the works published by the publisher. Downloading the e-book is free and for free.

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