By Orson Peter Carrara

Spiritism on the radio: spreading the Teachings through the airwaves

Henrique Bernardo Tosta (photo), who is better known as Rique Tosta, is our guest this week. He has a degree in Business Administration and lives in the Brazilian city of Jaú, in the state of São Paulo, where he works for the local council. He is an active member of the Spiritist Movement, as one of the directors  of the NAFAM Spiritist Centre (Núcleo de Auxílio Fraterno Arcanjo Miguel). He is also the presenter of the radio programme Caminhos da Luz (Pathways to Light), which is broadcast once a week on Saturdays on Piratininga Radio station:


How was your first contact with Spiritism?

It was in 1993, when my mother gave me The Spirits’ Book and The Gospel According to Spiritism. She had become a Spiritist a few years before that and had noticed my interest in the Spiritist Teachings. 

Which aspect of Spiritism attracts you the most?

I find everything interesting that concerns the study of the Spiritist Teachings, especially their philosophical aspects.   

How did you get involved with radio production and broadcasting?

In 1998, I began attending a radio production course, which I didn’t conclude. I had always had an interest in radio. I listened regularly to the programme Caminhos da Luz, which at the time went on air on Sundays. In 2011, the programme’s editor, Jair Ruiz Martinez, invited me to join their team. It was an honour and I learned a great deal during the following five years. But but eventually I had to leave because of other commitments. I came back in July 2023 as its presenter, working with my friends from the CEFEC Spiritist Centre (Centro Espírita Fé, Esperança e Caridade). 

Tell us a bit more about Caminhos da Luz (Pathways to Light).

The programme has taught us so much. It’s been a true school of Spirituality. That’s because each guest we invite to the programme brings us new information and helps us understand how vast and deep the Spiritist Teachings are. 

What feedback do you get from the audience?

With the internet, we’re able to check precisely the number of people who access our programme and its impact on social media. We also come across many listeners in the streets of the city, who share their impressions with us. Most of the feedback we get, both online and in person, is very positive and encouraging. 

How does the programme benefit the city of Jaú and the local Spiritist Movement after so many years on air? 

The benefits are so many, but I would highlight the fact that it helps disseminate Spiritism for people who need it. Another important aspect is that the programme has become a point of reference for the Spiritist Movement in the city and across the region. It’s like taking the Spiritist Centre into the homes of those who can’t physically go to a Spiritist Centre. 

How do you describe the challenge of dealing with different guests every week?

I think that’s very gratifying. And it’s a learning experience for all of us who have been studying the Teachings for so many years. What makes the programme so interesting is the wide diversity of guests,  the Spiritist speakers we invite. That attracts the attention of different people, including those who follow religions. The contribution that each guest brings to the programme enriches the debate on the issues we bring to the table. Even when we deal with controversial subjects, Spiritism comes out stronger at the end of the programme, as the Spiritist approach helps people get a better understanding of the issues. 

Is there any particular aspect of your experience in the Spiritist Movement that you would like to share with us? 

When I began reading and studying The Spirits’ Book in 1993, a new world began unveiling before my eyes. I felt like all human knowledge was condensed in those questions and answers. That led me into profound reflections, and I’ve never stopped reading and revising Spiritist literature. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. I would like to stress the importance of doing the Gospel in the Home every week. It’s a spiritual practice that brings Jesus closer to us through the Gospel. It reminds us of his lessons and gives us safe guidelines to pursue our spiritual development!

Please leave us with your final thoughts.

I would like to thank you for this opportunity. In the current times, when the planet is going through such an important transition into a World of Regeneration, it’s essential that we are able to make the most of the current incarnation, with a lot of love and wisdom.  



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