Letter to the reader

Year 17 - 859 - January 28, 2024

We can and should all be better, it just depends on us

The sentence above summarizes what our collaborator Anselmo Ferreira Vasconcelos presents to us in the special How to be better?, one of the highlights of this edition. In the text, seeking to answer the question that gives the article its title, he suggests that, first of all, we must insert God into our lives, thus rescuing the presence of the Lord on our path and connecting us to our Father through prayers and meditations.

Our interviewee today is Henrique Bernardo Tosta, better known as Rique Tosta, based in Jaú (SP). He was born in the capital of São Paulo; he is part of the management team of NAFAM – Núcleo de Auxílio Fraterno Arcanjo Miguel and is also the presenter of the radio program Paths of Light (Caminhos da Luz), presented on Saturdays by Rádio Piratininga de Jaú. The interview is one of this week's highlights.

In two days, on January 30th, it will be 86 years since Cairbar Schutel – known as the number 1 Spiritist in Brazil – returned to his spiritual homeland. Founder of the newspaper O Clarim and the Revista Internacional de Espiritismo, Cairbar would turn 70 years old a few months later, in September 1938. A little about his life and work is shown to us in a special article by Thiago Bernardes.

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