Spiritism For Kids

By Marcela Prada


Theme: Friendship

A great friend


Once upon a time there was a monkey called Bino. He was smart and cheerful. He loved meeting other animals and going out to play and walk.

He often had fun with possums or other animals that climbed trees, like him. Bino hung from the

branches with one hand or even by his tail. He liked to do acrobatics and throw himself from one branch to another.

His friends greatly admired his strength and agility. Bino was grateful when he was praised, but the one he really admired was the elephant Joco.

Joco wasn't agile and didn't even climb trees, but he was big and strong. No one could be compared to him in this. Bino was impressed whenever he saw him, even from afar.

One day Bino was in a tree eating berries and Joco arrived. He greeted Bino, stretched out his long trunk and began to taste the berries too.

Joco and Bino started talking and soon they were laughing and having fun together. Joco was very friendly and Bino was happy. He never thought he could become friends with an animal as big and powerful as Joco.

But suddenly, Joco became different, quiet, with a look of concern. Bino noticed, but thought it was his imagination. What could it worry Joco?

Smart as he was, Bino soon discovered it. The wind had gotten stronger and brought dark clouds. Some lightning began to streak the sky. Joco was afraid of storms and, although he tried, he could barely hide.

It wasn't long before it started raining heavily. The thunder terrified Joco. Bino didn't expect that. He didn't know what to do, but he wanted to help his new friend. So, he got down from the tree and to relax he said:

- Bath time!

And he started jumping and doing monkey things trying to distract Joco.

But it was no use. Joco was still scared. Bino noticed that he was even shaking with fear.

Bino, who was already all wet, so as not to embarrass Joco, pretended he was cold and shivering too.

- Wow, what freezing rain, I'm very cold. Can I stay close to you to keep warm, Joco?

The elephant nodded and the monkey leaned against his leg.

- You're cold too, aren't you Joco? But don't worry, this is summer rain. It came strong, but it will soon pass. This way, together, we won't feel so cold.

Joco felt much better with Bino's company and words.

The monkey stayed by his side until the rain stopped and he calmed down.

Afterwards, calmer, the elephant was able to talk and talk about his fear of storms. He also thanked Bino for his help.

Bino was happy to have been able to help him. And he realized that, even though he wasn't Joco's size, he could also be big, in his attitudes. In fact, that was the most important thing.

After that day they met and had fun together many more times as well. Sometimes Bino needed Joco's help and other times, especially when it was going to rain, it was Bino's turn to help Joco.

This was very good for both of them and made their lives happier; after all, each of them had a great friend.


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