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Year 17 - 856 - January 7, 2024

Nothing that happens in human history is the result of chance

Not only or only the use of free will on the part of men, as Divine Law governs everything and places limits on our action. These words are part of the special Spiritual Ascendence in the Historical Facts of Humanity, authored by the educator and spiritist writer Marcus De Mario, from Rio de Janeiro-RJ. The article, which discusses the book A Caminho da Luz, by Emmanuel, psychographed by Chico Xavier, is one of the highlights of this edition.

Another highlight is the interview given to us by Evelyn Freire de Carvalho, from Manaus-AM, the city where she participates in the activities of the Centro Espírita Online Casa de Jesus, in which she is responsible for the Departments of Doctrine and Mediumship. In the interview, our interviewee tells us, among other topics, about the spiritist dissemination work carried out by the portal Knowing Spiritism, of which she is the coordinator.

Last month, the newspaper O Imortal completed 70 years of existence. Founded by spiritist pioneers Luiz Picinin and Hugo Gonçalves, the newspaper first circulated at Christmas 1953 and continued in printed format until issue 776, published in October 2018, when it then opted for digital format, a phase that began in November 2018. Thiago Bernardes recalls this trajectory in a special article that we published in this edition.

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