Spiritism For Kids

By Marcela Prada


Theme: Kindness, help

The King of Gondar

Once upon a time there was a poor peasant who sat at the entrance to his old hut every evening. Suddenly he saw a hunter arrival on horseback.

The hunter approached, dismounted, greeted him, and said:

— I got lost in the mountain and I'm looking for the path that leads to the city of Gondar. Can you help me?

The peasant realized that the hunter was wan. He looked tired and his voice showed concern.

The peasant didn't know that man, but he realized that he really needed help. That's why he said:

— Gondar is two days' journey away. The sun is already setting down, and it would be wiser if you spent the night here and leave early in the morning.

The hunter had no alternative but to accept the peasant's hospitality and spend the night in that humble house.

The peasant prepared a delicious dinner for them. The hunter was very hungry and was satisfied with his meal. After eating, the peasant offered his bed to the hunter and went to sleep on the ground next to the fire. The next day, very early, when the hunter woke up, the peasant explained to him how he would have to get to Gondar:

— You have to go into the woods until you find a river, and you must cross it with your horse very carefully so as not to go through the deepest part. Then you have to follow a path on the edge of a cliff until you reach a wider road...

The hunter listened attentively, but said, with some dismay:

— I think I'm going to get lost again. I don't know this region... Would you escort me to Gondar? You could ride the horse, on my back.

— Okay — said the peasant. — You will have to cross dangerous places. I am used to. I will guide you safely into town.

The relieved hunter thanked him and the two set off on their journey.

When they were almost there, the peasant told the hunter that he really wanted to see the king of Gondar, at least once.

— Who knows, maybe I'll be lucky and get to see him at some public event — said the peasant excitedly.

— Since you brought me here, I promise to take you to the castle and make you see the king.

A short time later, the two men arrived in the city and the hunter took the path to the palace. Some people at the door, seeing them approaching, moved away, and bowed as they passed.

The two men rode into the palace courtyard on horseback. The peasant was anxious. He happily looked everywhere, looking for the king.

They dismounted and entered a large hall. All the nobles there took off their hats when they saw them. The peasant realized that the hunter was a man of great influence in the palace, but the peasant was a very simple man, and he began to feel ashamed of being there.

— I think I'll wait outside. The king won't like to see someone like me in here — he said.

— Don't worry! Everything is fine! Come with me and you will soon see the king! — replied the hunter.

The two crossed the huge hall and sat down in two large, comfortable armchairs. All the people present stood around them.

A servant approached, carrying, on a red cushion, a beautiful golden crown. It was then that, to the peasant's surprise, the hunter took off his hat and placed the crown on his head. He was the king!

The peasant, with his mouth open, couldn't say anything. In a second, he remembered that the king had spent the night in his house, that they had ridden on the same horse, that they had lived closely together for more than two days. He, who had only been willing to help a stranger, was now sitting next to the king.

The king smiled at him and asked:

— So, did you enjoy meeting the king?

The peasant, with a huge smile, replied yes.

The king hugged him and, calling him a friend, thanked him for his help. The next day there was a great party to celebrate the king's return. The peasant was honored and was very happy.

Many times, afterwards the peasant returned to the palace and was always well received. The king knew he had a good heart and their friendship lasted forever.

(Adapted from a text published on the website https://www.culturagenial.com)

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