By Orson Peter Carrara

The main goal of Spiritism is to help each one of us become a better person

Maria Amélia Bolsoni (photo), from the Brazilian city of Araraquara, lives in Santos, in the state of São Paulo. She is the mother of Rodrigo and Tatiana and has a degree in Education. She is currently retired, after dedicating her professional life to education. She comes from a Spiritist family and is the current vice-president of the Chico Xavier Spiritist Centre in Santos, which on July 2nd celebrated its 25th anniversary: 

What are your best memories as someone who was born into a Spiritist family?

When I was a child, Spiritism was still fighting to expand and find its well-deserved space. We used to do the Gospel in the Home every week and I attended the youth groups at our local Spiritist Centre in Araraquara, the Obreiros do Bem. I also liked to attend the lectures and talks with my parents, even though many people thought that I was too young to understand what was being discussed there. But I had a strange feeling that nothing that I heard there was completely new to me. I also developed a passion for reading, from a young age, and I later began attending their mediumship groups. 

How was the process of integrating with the Spiritists of Santos when you moved there?

When I moved to Santos, I continued my work in Spiritism at two Groups there: the Allan Kardec and eventually the André Luiz. I also developed a passion for charity work and became involved in the distribution of food parcels and the production of baby clothes for mothers from a poor background. The practice of charity, of helping others, has given meaning to my life. I’m very grateful for all the organisations where I worked as a volunteer, as they helped me develop as a Spiritist

Where does your interest in Education come from?

I’ve always wanted to work with children. It was clear to me that those working in that area play a crucial role in the formation and development of children, young people and, naturally, adults. Spiritism has helped make that choice, which I believe to be linked to the goals I agreed to seek in this incarnation. I’ve always seen in each child an opportunity for me to work hard and to learn, as I knew I was then in closer contact with the immortal Spirits that God had put across my path. Knowing that reincarnation is a fact opens up a whole new world for us, which demands a new approach to educating our children. Education with love!

Once you graduated from university and began working in education, how were you able to connect academic and Spiritist knowledge?

The principles of Spiritism help people become better in all professions. But there are even bigger opportunities for us to plant a seed of logic and reason, to debate and enlighten, in the academic realm. Emmanuel, the great Spiritual Benefactor, tells us that “childhood is the most important and fertile period of life to absorb the principles of education.” Education and spirituality are concepts that are closely linked, as they both aim to build up a culture of peace and to spread love, without ever doubting the power of good. 

Tell us about the Spiritist Group you work with.

I was part of a small group of people who founded in 1998 the Chico Xavier Spiritist Centre, which celebrated in July its 25th anniversary(1). It’s a great source of joy for me and I’m very grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to learn, to work and to serve in the name of Jesus. With hard work, dedication and unity we continue to work daily to keep the organisation as a reference for those who need to be embraced, enlightened and renewed. Our Spiritist Centre focuses its studies on the core books of Allan Kardec, following the guidelines of the Brazilian Spiritist Foundation. Our responsibility is huge as we have our patron Chico Xavier, who was the personification of humility, work and love. 

What else would you like to add?

I would like to express my gratitude to the pioneers of Spiritism who, with a great deal of courage, opened the roads that allow us to be here today, in a comfortable environment where we are able to share our views in peace. I urge all fellow Spiritists to get together to achieve the main goal of Spiritism, which is to help each one of us become a better person. Let’s make a concerted effort, together, to keep our thoughts, words and attitudes in tune with the true principles of Spiritism, for our own benefit and that of our brothers and sisters. We have a joint responsibility to help Christ in the development of our planet. “You can do what I do and a great deal more,” Jesus told us. He’s waiting for us and let’s do our part, based on what we already know. I must thank the organisers of this publication, which plays an inestimable role in the dissemination of Spiritism, for giving me this opportunity. May Jesus bless us in this work of love! 


(1) The address of the Chico Xavier Spiritist Centre is Rua Dom Duarte Leopoldo e Silva, 225 - Marapé, Santos, State of São Paulo, Brazil. Their phone number for contact is + 55 13 32517018. To access their website, please click here



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