Letter to the reader

Year 17 - 826 - June 4, 2023

Fraternal Comic Books, a new model of spiritist dissemination

Marcelo Tibúrcio Vanni, who collaborates with the Spiritist movement in Niterói (RJ), where he was born and lives, has dedicated himself, as an illustrator that he is, to a different form of Spiritist dissemination, through small comic books – the Fraternal Comics – that offer to the spiritist movement in Brazil a spiritist dissemination material that is easy to assimilate, attractive and faithful to the original texts, as he explains in the interview that we publish in this edition.

“What have you been doing with the Spiritist Doctrine?” is the title of the special published in this issue, authored by our collaborator Vladimir Alexei, who understands that we spiritists need to revisit the way of studying and understanding Spiritism, as did figures such as the late writers Carlos Imbassahy and José Herculano Pires, whose works deserve to be known and meditated upon.

It was published the new release by EVOC – Editora Virtual O Consolador: the e-book Introduction to the Mosaic Pentateuch: 1 - Genesis, written by Astolfo Olegário de Oliveira Filho, on Wednesday, May 31. The work focuses on Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament, opening the series entitled Introduction to the Mosaic Pentateuch. The e-book can be read or downloaded for free.


It passed away our friend Miguel Navarro, husband of our colleague Elza Ferreira Navarro, on the morning of May 27, at the age of 84. He collaborated with our magazine for several years as a translator into Spanish - Letter to the reader - that opens our issues. To Elza and her family, as well as to Miguel, our embrace and our solidarity, certain that in this difficult time they will never lack the support of our Father and our friendly Benefactors.

  Astolfo O. de Oliveira Filho
Director of Writing

José Carlos Munhoz Pinto
Administrative Director


Francine Prado




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