Spiritism For Kids

By Marcela Prada


Theme: Learning the virtues

Luana and Rex

Luana was a very poor girl who lived with her mother and her dog Rex in a simple wooden house, close to a forest.

Since she was a little girl, she was used to working hard helping her mother. Luana woke up early, helped around the house and walked a lot, looking
for wild fruits.  

When she got home, she would help her mother make strawberry pies, raspberry cakes, and other delicious recipes to sell them in town.

Even so, they had money for almost nothing. Sometimes, Luana got upset because their life was not easy. She dreamed of being able to live in a better house, buy nice clothes, try different foods, get around...

When she got tired and started to complain, her mother always scolded her:

"Luana, don't complain. God is always watching over us. Let's trust Him and move on with our lives, doing our obligations.

Luana believed in God and in her mother's words. Therefore, she rested a little, calmed down and then returned to work.

And so, carrying out her activities every day, Luana became a strong, active, and smart woman, because she knew how to do everything. When she sold things, she enjoyed people’s presence, as she spent many hours alone in the forest. For this reason, Luana was always friendly, played with children and was polite to the elderly.

Besides, she was cheerful too. She liked to take Rex for walks in the woods while picking the berries. She amused herself by watching him sniff around and try to find other animals, and even swam with him in the little river in warmer afternoons.

One day, Luana and Rex were in the forest when an armadillo appeared in the distance. Rex barked and went after the animal, who turned and also ran, hiding in the middle of the woods.

The two disappeared in that tumult. Luana went after Rex and, after looking a lot, found him covered in dirt, restlessly digging a hole that was already deep.

Soon she realized what had happened. The armadillo, scared, had run and entered its hole to protect itself and Rex, who was a big dog, not being able to get in too, was digging, trying to reach him.

- Stop it, Rex! Enough! - said Luana, afraid that Rex would hurt the armadillo.

But the dog, excited about the hunt, kept digging. Luana had to approach that mound of ground and pull him, scolding him.

When approaching the hole that had formed, Luana saw a small trunk inside, all dirty, but whole. She was curious what it was, buried there in the middle of the forest. She then bent down, finished digging up the coffer and opened it.

What a surprise she got! The chest was full of jewels, precious stones and gold coins. A true treasure!

Luana squealed with joy and hugged Rex so tightly that even the dog realized that something very important had happened. Luana jumped so much with enthusiasm that Rex even forgot about the armadillo.

Luana took the small but heavy trunk home. She showed it to her mother and the two celebrated together.

After that, their lives changed. They bought a small but very nice house in the city. They opened a pastry shop, where they produced cakes, pies and other wonderful sweets, which the customers loved. They also bought Rex a beautiful and spacious doghouse. After all, he deserved it.

A lot has changed in their lives, as they now have money to go out, dress well, feel safer and more comfortable. But some things haven't changed.

The teenager remained as she was before, with the virtues she had learned in times of shortage. She continued to strive, hardworking, smart. And when dealing with people, she maintained humbleness, education and the pleasure of talking to friends and clients.

Luana didn't realize it and even complained a few times, but it was those difficult times that taught her to be the loved and admired person, whom everyone liked.

That's why God allows us to have difficulties. It's not easy, nor pleasant to go through problems, but it gives us lessons. One day the problems will go away. But the learnings remain and make us better people.

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