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Year 16 - 788 - September 4, 2022

The influence of Pestalozzi on the work of Eurípedes Barsanulfo

The educator and writer Marcus De Mario, in the special entitled Eurípedes, Lavater and Pestalozzi, reminds us of important aspects about the educational work that Eurípedes Barsanulfo founded in Sacramento (MG), strongly influenced by Pestalozzi's ideas, and formulates, in his article, an interesting hypothesis that would explain how the experience of the Iverdon Institute would have come to the attention of the founder of Allan Kardec School.

Our interviewee in this issue is the psychologist Nelson Tavares, born in Rio de Janeiro, today based on the Island of Madeira, in Portugal, where he works professionally as a Transpersonal Psychologist and, in spiritist work, participates in the activities of the Casa dos Humildes Association, in Lisbon, and the Spiritist Cultural Center of Funchal, on the island of Madeira. The interview is one of the highlights of this edition.

Lawyer, former federal congressman, journalist and one of the founders of Jornal do Brasil, Aristides de Souza Spínola was born in Caetité (Bahia) on August 29, 1850. In 1905 he joined the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, an institution he served for 21 years and of which he was president or vice-president at different times, as shown by Thiago Bernardes in a special article published in this issue.

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