Letter to the reader

Year 16 - 786 - August 21, 2022

It is necessary to cultivate personal disinterest in dealing with Spiritism

The above sentence is authored by our interviewee, doctor Ricardo Baesso de Oliveira, columnist and member of the Editorial Board of this magazine. Born in the small town of Astolfo Dutra (MG), he has lived in Juiz de Fora (PR) for over 50 years, where he participates in the activities of the Spiritist Diffusion Institute, of which he is one of the founders. In the interview, he tells us how he sees the Brazilian spiritist movement and what he has been lacking to better achieve its goals.

“Is it forgiveness still possible?” This is the title of the Special written by our collaborator Maria de Lurdes Duarte, from Alvarenga, Arouca, Portugal. In developing the article, she emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and defines it with meridian clarity by reminding us that forgiveness is not just the absence of rancor and revenge, but an active fight for harmony and for our own liberation.

Tomorrow, August 22, marks the 65th anniversary of the disincarnation of Leopoldo Machado, professor, writer, poet, journalist, composer, speaker and great supporter of spiritist youth and the movement for the unification of Spiritism in Brazil, in which he played decisive role in the 1940s, as Ana Moraes shows us in a special article. 


From this edition on, our colleague Marcel Bataglia Gonçalves, current editor of the newspaper “O Imortal”, joins the editorial team of this magazine as editor of the Brazilian Spiritist Movement section, replacing Mariângela Cazetta, who edited it from 9th March 2008 to August 14th of this year and she is only leaving the role for health reasons. To her, who was present in 740 issues of this magazine, our immense gratitude and our sincere hope that she will be able to fully overcome the difficulties of the moment.

  Astolfo O. de Oliveira Filho
Director of Writing

José Carlos Munhoz Pinto
Administrative Director


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