Spiritism For Kids

By Marcela Prada


Theme: Animals in Evolution

The three neighbors: Sol, Tofi and Tupi


Can the animals be said to act only from instinct?

"That, again, is a mere theory. It is very true that instinct predominates in the greater number of animals; but do you not see some of them act with a determinate will ? This is intelligence; but of narrow range."

The Spirits' Book, question 593.


You need to know Sol, Tofi and Tupi! They are neighbors. Let me explain better: Sol is a very smart little black dog; Tofi is her neighbor, a nice spotted dog who lives with Tupi, an adorable little white dog. All are classified as mixed breed, the so-called mutts, formed by mixing several races.

The three live on the same street, a few meters apart, and have a beautiful friendship. All the residents know that the dogs are friends and happily comment on the affection that unites the three animals.

Sol lives a few houses away from Tofi and Tupi, but whenever her owner allows her to play outside, the first thing she does is run to her two friends' house, barking at the gate, to call them to play.

The two come running to greet their friend, barking so they can go out and play. Sol uses her free will, which all animals have, choosing the company of friends, as she can do whatever she wants during the time she is free on the street. She, however, always chooses the company of friends.

The owners of Tofi and Tupi have already understood about the bonds of affection that unite the three and allow them to play together in the afternoon. The street is brighter with their joy, and it's wonderful to watch the three dogs running, having fun together, as you can see that they adore each other.

But when night falls, it is necessary to return home. Sol always tries to sleep at her friends' house, to be able to prolong the games, but her owner doesn't allow it, because she loves the puppy and knows she needs to rest.

She knows that animals also get tired, feel pain and, although they don't have continuous thinking like human beings, they think and have intelligence, understand what happens around them. Animals are a spiritual principle, they have a perispirit and reincarnate, as they are endowed with an immortal individuality, which evolves towards perfection.

Sol is an example of the individuality of the intelligent principle that animals are, and that are in different evolutionary stages: she is adorable, friend of all the animals on the street. Sol also interacts in a friendly way with other animals and people, and usually comes to greet Chiquito with “affectionate kisses”. Francisco, as Sol's friend is also known, is a white poodle who lives close to his house, but due to his physical fragility cannot go out to play in the street, but is very happy when, through the fence, he receives the affection from his friend.

But why do animals suffer? They face physical sufferings not to atone for their mistakes, but as proof, to activate their progress, through the awakening of sensations and feelings. Like us, they are created by God, they are our companions on the journey, they deserve to be respected and loved by all.

The owners of Sol, Tofi and Tupi know that animals think, have a will of their own and their company is a gift from God to human beings. Through coexistence with pets, God allows people and animals to accelerate evolution, and for this reason, they thank the Greater Father for the friendship, affection and respect that unite the three neighbors, serving as an example for all living beings.


(Story by Claudia Schmidt, based on real events, published on the website searadomestre.com.br)

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