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por Marcela Prada


Theme: Superstitions

Black cat

Tita and Cacá visited the street market, in the sector of small animals. Tita was thrilled: she was allowed by her mother to choose a kitten as a gift.

Tita wanted a puppy for a long time. There were many options of color: tabby, white, black, gray. The two girls stopped in front of one of the stands and a beautiful black cat came to meet them.

He started to rub Cacá through the fence and when he went to Tita´s side, the girl jumped:

- Black cat, no! It gives bad luck!

Cacá was startled by her friend and asked:

- Do you really think that the cat's color can influence the events of your life?

Tita was speechless. Cacá continued:

- Think about it! Are you going to say that when you get to a place, you step on with your right foot first? And who doesn't have the right foot, only the left, is the person destined to have bad luck all his life?

While Tita remained silent, they continued to walk, and to look at the animals.

They really liked the colorful fishes that swam in a beautiful aquarium.

- No fish and cat together, right Tita? Will your cat eat your fish for dinner?

- Don´t say that! - Tita said, knocking on a nearby wooden chair.

Cacá laughed, thinking that knocking on wood doesn't change fortune, but she said nothing.

- Fine! I'm superstitious so what? It's my problem!

- I know - said, seriously, Cacá - But don't you think it's important for us to use our intellects and analyze things before we believe in them? For example, do you think it's the color of the clothes that brings us luck, bad luck, money or love?

Tita was paying attention, and the friend continued:

- If everyone thinks like you, no black kitten will have a new home... Our choices are what define our destiny. Opting for honesty, joy, ethics, charity is what brings good events in our life.

- But thinking about evil attracts evil - Tita replied.

- And thinking and doing good attracts good. It is the Law of Cause and Effect, which the Spiritist Doctrine explains. This law is part of God's love, wisdom, and justice. Amulets or superstitions do not attract or repel anything. What does this is the thought, because if I think my day is going to be bad because I saw a black cat, I can convince myself of that and make my day a bad one. But it will be my choice, the cat or its color has nothing to do with it.

- Yeah, it makes sense… - Tita thought out loud.

- Good! It's time to put this nonsense aside and take responsibility for the choices we've made. Happiness is our choice, and it depends on our attitudes, not things.

Despite being convinced, Tita would still take some time to change her way of thinking. But choosing a black kitten as a gift was a big step toward putting superstitions aside.

The beautiful black kitten, named Calvin, responded to the affection received, becoming a great friend and companion of many joys and games.


(Adaptation of a text of Claudia Schmidt.)

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