Letter to the reader

Year 15 - 736 - August 29, 2021

How Americans see Spiritist teachings and practices

Currently living in Marietta, Georgia (United States), Marcelo Parpinelli Medeiros, graduated in Journalism from PUC-SP and working professionally as a journalist in the land of Uncle Sam, is our interviewee. In the interview, with the peculiar view of journalists, he reveals important facts about the Spiritist movement in the United States and tells us how the typical American sees Spiritist teachings and practices today. The article, which is worth reading, is one of the highlights of this edition.

Another highlight is the Special Are We All Really Mediums? written by our collaborator and respected spiritist scholar Leonardo Marmo Moreira. After carefully examining the issue, which raises so many doubts especially outside the spiritist milieu, he recalls in his article that from the popularization, without further explanation, of the phrase "all are mediums", a series of questionable procedures have been registered in our Spiritist movement.

That many contemporary scholars and researchers have verified the reality of the survival of the spirit after death and its return to a new existence, with a view to its ascension towards perfection, is a fact that many readers certainly ignore and that our collaborator Jorge Leite de Oliveira discusses with his well-known competence, in a special subject that is also one of the highlights of this issue.

  Astolfo O. de Oliveira Filho
Director of Writing

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