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Estação da Luz Web Radio Station: How it was created and how it works

Elielson Tavares da Anunciação (photo), a Spiritist since 1999, is an active member of the Spiritist Movement in his hometown, Natal, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. He volunteers there as a healer, as a teacher in study groups for children and adults, as a public speaker and also helping to disseminate Spiritism through the media. In his own words, he is a “cleaning and transport medium.” He is a member of the team of volunteers at Pronto Socorro Espiritual Fabiano de Cristo and Maria do Pão/Casa de Emmanuel and is also the founder of Estação da Luz Web Radio Station, which began broadcasting Spiritist content on May 13th, 2020.

How was your first contact with Spiritism? 

It was after I felt a pain in the chest, a blessed health problem that brought me back to the “Road to Damascus,” in the hope of experiencing what Paul did, to be able to say: “Lord, what do you want me to do?” Spiritism is always a new awakening!

Which aspect of Spiritism had the biggest impact on you? 

Everything, from the most basic to its most elevated aspects, has made a big impact on me. To be honest, from the moment I found Spiritism, I've been more and more attracted to it.

Tell us a bit more about your experience in the Spiritist Movement.

It is the experience of all of those who come in through the backdoor. You have to replace your old ideas with new ones, which are in reality the ideas that were awakened inside you and open your eyes, gradually, to the reality of immortal life. Every day, hour and minute in this journey has been beautiful, divine and wonderful.

Tell us about your role in the local Spiritist Movement.

I feel like a tiny ant with a speaker on its back, disseminating Spiritism to try to enlighten and comfort those who are in need with the Gospel of Jesus in the light of Spiritism.

How was the online radio station, Estação da Luz, created?

In 2000, I was part of a group of friends who created a programme, Estação da Luz (Light Station). For 10 years, it was broadcast by Poty Radio, in Natal. From the start, I was given the task of contacting other media to help publicise the programme and its contents. When Radio Poty closed its doors, we continued to broadcast through several community radio stations and also continued with our TV programme. But that was also discontinued and then we decided to set up the online radio station. It took us only two days to get it up and running. 
How does the Online Radio Station, Estação da Luz, work?

It’s on air 24 hours a day, with music, messages and live programmes. Our schedule has 20 live programmes and our aim is to reach 30 to 40 by the year. The main idea is to disseminate Spiritism, to enlighten and to provide consolation, with Jesus and Allan Kardec.

What is your assessment of the live broadcasts that have become so common since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, with talks, lectures and study groups? 

That’s simple: because of the current situation, we are doing now what we would only be able to achieve in 10 years. These are the positive outcomes of something that, in the beginning, looked like it would only create obstacles for everyone. But we need to be careful. To be able to master these tools, we need to practice a lot, as it’s all still very new.

What, do you think, needs to improve in the preparation of Spiritist educators and disseminators? 

Better exchange and more contact between everyone involved, including those abroad. We need courses for specific purposes, continuous training, and we must continue to discover new talents who will be able to use all possible resources to disseminate Spiritism.

What role should directors of Spiritist Centres and the main Spiritist organisations play in these new efforts? 

They should lend total support to the work that’s being carried out, knowing how to separate the wheat from the chaff.  

What are your future plans in the Spiritist Movement?

To follow the path established by the higher Spirits, who lead all our efforts. Those are, after all, the plans of Jesus, who is always in charge of our planet… in order to meet the goals established by our Father.

Leave us with your final thoughts, as humankind still struggles with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  

Someone once said: “That will also pass.” In the world where we live, these are cycles that need to be overcome… We win a few ones and we lose other ones. So we must often come back and go through it again, but we are moving forward. As Danton used to say: “All that God does is good.”

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