Spiritism For Kids

por Marcela Prada


Theme: Praise to God

Praising God

A boy was in the yard watching the ants, who walked in a line and carried leaves to the anthill.

He asked them:

- Why do you do this?

- We are praising God - they replied, leaving him thoughtful.

After watching them for some time, the boy sat under a tree. He felt the coolness of its shadow, saw the birds sheltered in its branches, eating its berries, and asked it:

- What do you do every day, Lady tree?

- I do what you see. I praise God - it said.

- How can you be praising God? - I thought the ants did this by carrying food to the anthill.

- I can't leave the place, nor do I live in an anthill. I have my own way of praising God - elucidated the tree.

The boy then entered the house and saw his mother. She cooked and sang. The mother, seeing her son, tenderly asked if he was all right. He said yes and smiled as he understood that she too was praising God.

The boy went to his room, took his notebook and did his schoolwork. When it was done, he went to play and have fun with his brother. At the end of the day, he helped with the dinner dishes.

At bedtime, his father came and give him a kiss of goodnight and asked if he had a good day.

- Yes, I did, Dad - answered the boy.

- Good, son! And what did you do today?

- I praised God!

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