Spiritism For Kids

por Marcela Prada


Theme: Superstition, self-confidence

Luck in the test

Augusto was preparing for the last exams of the year. He needed to do well to recover a low grade from the previous test and also to be able to go on vacation with the studies ok. It was a lot to study, and he didn't want to have bad results at all.

Since the previous week, he had been going over the topics. He redid the activity sheets and even complementary exercises of the handout. He had studied hard. However, he was still concerned.

The test would be on the following day and Augusto, looking at the notebooks and the sheets, found nothing that he had not already read and reread. Even so, he was unable to get calm. He felt he should be even more prepared. But he didn't know how.

When thinking about the test, he felt insecure. The closer it got, the more anxious and distressed he became.

Late in the afternoon, he had an idea: he ran to his backyard, where there was grass and other plants.

His mother, from the kitchen window, watched Augusto coming and going through the yard, walking with his head down, observing the undergrowth plants and touching them from time to time.

She thought he was just getting a little distracted, taking a break from his studies. But, as he took so long in that situation, she decided to go to see him.

- Augusto, son, what are you doing? Have you missed something here in the yard?

- No, Mom! I'm looking for a four-leaf clover. They say it's lucky. And I really need it for tomorrow's exam.

- Ah, is that it? But son, they are very rare. It is very unlikely that you will find one here in our house - said the mother.

- But I must to try mommy. I'm getting desperate! I have to do well in the test tomorrow. Help me to search, please! - and thinking better, Augusto still asked: - Do you know anything else that brings luck, that is easier to find?

The loving mother took her son's hand and took him inside, saying that they needed to talk.

After sitting down, she said:

- Son, some people tend to attribute luck or bad luck to certain objects or situations, but that's not how it works.

And she continued:

- It is not the things that define the experiences that the person will go through. To do well in the test, the most important thing is that you study, and review the material until you are well aware of the subjects that will be asked.

- I have already done that. What I had to study, I studied. I'm well prepared in that part, but I'm still afraid of the test - said Augusto worried.

- Excellent! - Said the mother - This is very important. Now all that remains is for you to prepare your mind. Instead of looking for luck in objects, try to find confidence within yourself.

- But how do I do that? - Asked Augusto.

- First, I want you to take a deep breath, several times, watching the air get in and out. This will help you to calm down.

The mother then talked to Augusto and explained about the strength of our thoughts and the spoken words. She taught him to repeat phrases of self-encouragement. She helped him to realize that he had already done everything he needed to do, so he could lean on that thought and feel confident.

At first, Augusto did not believe much, but he did what his mother suggested. He repeated the phrases with affirmations of success and confidence, exchanged negative thoughts for positive ones and, little by little, he realized that this was working.

- Furthermore, son, you must remember that our mind transmits and receives thoughts. It is important to be in tune with the minds that can help us, such as your guardian angel, for example - the mother taught.

She said a prayer and asked Augusto to repeat each sentence, seeking a high level of attunement.

At the end of the conversation, Augusto felt much better.

At night, when he went to bed, a bad feeling came back to disturb him, but he said to himself:

- Everything is fine! I am very well prepared! I'm going to do the test with attention and joy, because I'm going to do very well tomorrow.

Then he said a prayer and slept soundly.

The next day, he was very “lucky” in the test.

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