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The side of the pandemic with regard to the dissemination of Spiritism

Fernando Cesar Balbino (photo), teaches Science and Technology at the Federal Institute of Education in the Brazilian city of Nova Andradina, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. He is an active member of the local Spiritist Movement. He is a volunteer worker at Amor, Verdade e Justiça (Love, Truth and Justice) Spiritist Centre and is also a public speaker. In the following interview, he talks about his involvement in Spiritism from a young age and several other issues.

When and how did you become a Spiritist?

I was born into a Catholic family. But every now and again, a cousin of mine came to visit us and he often spoke about Spiritism. I was still a young child and I didn’t understand what he meant by reincarnation and other similar ideas. But I found it all very interesting. In 1991, when I was 13 years old, he passed away in a plane crash. As a way of honouring him, I decided to read a book he had left in our house, entitled “Do Outro Lado” (On the Other Side), by Wilson Frungilo Jr. That was my gateway into the Spiritist Teachings. 

Which aspect of Spiritism strikes you the most?

It is its philosophical aspect, which enables us to understand life from the perspective that our soul is immortal. That paves the way for us to put religion into practice in its true meaning: a communion of thoughts and feelings with God, our Father. 

As a teacher and educator, what assessment do you make of the challenges we are facing at the moment, with or without the coronavirus pandemic?

Historically, education in Brazil has been largely overlooked, if not widely disregarded by our political leaders. Unfortunately, large swathes of our population comply with this type of neglect by supporting and voting for politicians who have no commitment to education. I am optimistic, however, without being naive, about the future of education in our country because of the continuing effort of so many dedicated people in that area. We mustn’t forget, however, that parents have a mission and duty with the education of their children since conception. The first and most sacred school will always be the home, as Jesus, Our Incomparable Master, showed us by selecting his father’s humble carpentry workshop as his blessed school during his sublime mission on Earth. 

As a Spiritist speaker, how do you think people have been receiving the Spiritist Teachings, taking into account the suspension of meetings and events during the pandemic?

Firstly, when we mention the pandemic we must also “count our blessings,” as Emmanuel, the spiritual benefactor, says. After all, what we may call destruction is nothing more than a process of transformation, according to question number 728 of The Spirits’ Book. And one the blessings we have received is the possibility of making the most of the technological advances or our times, especially the Internet. People can now easily access the principles of Spiritism and read and hear a wide range of material. Obviously, it may be difficult for those who are coming into contact with Spiritism for the first time to select the right material for them at this stage. After all, there is so much available out there, on YouTube and so many Spiritist websites. But the most important is that the sower is now out in the fields sowing...

As we live a boom of “virtual reality,” which aspects of this new situation are prevailing?

I think it’s very positive that different people who share the same ideals of moral progress can get together from different corners of the country and even the world. Thanks to the communication technologies available, those people are now able to get together to study, to share ideas and thoughts and to enlarge our spiritual links. Where I live, in Nova Andradina, we have been holding our study groups and public talks online since March 2020, when the authorities recommended the introduction of social distancing because of the pandemic, which was then starting in Brazil. Since then, I have had the joy of welcoming so many lovely people from all corners of the country. Also, as we are online, we are able, for example, to join a youth group meeting in the State of São Paulo in the morning and take part in a prayer and study group in the State of Paraná in the afternoon. That’s something that has actually happened and wouldn’t have been possible before the pandemic. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to mention question 963 of The Spirits’ Book, when Kardec asks if God personally looks after each one of us. After all, he questioned, aren’t we so small to be of any importance to God, who is so great? And the Spirits gave us one of the most beautiful answers contained in this precious book: God looks after all living beings created by Him, as small as they may be, because nothing is too small before the greatness of His kindness. So, bear that in mind and go back to Our Father for assistance throughout the pandemic or whenever you are going through a difficult or worrying situation. The love that flows from Him is always able to see, hear and embrace all creatures, including you and me. Let’s trust Him in our difficult times and let’s rejoice with Him in our moments of joy and happiness!



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