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Year 14 - 711 - March 7, 2021

Pandemic repercussion on spiritist activities

Fernando Cesar Balbino is our interviewee. He was born on Guararapes (SP) and lives in Nova Andradrina (MS). He is graduated in System Analysis and a professor at the Education, Science and Technology Federal Institute of Mato Grosso do Sul. At the spiritist midst, he lectures and participates in the activities of the Love, True and Justice Spiritist Centre in his town. Pandemic repercussion on spiritist activities is one of the subjects he talks. The interview is one of the highlights of the current edition.

Another spot is the especial written by Leda Maria Flaborea, from São Paulo (SP), titled Past consequences, future levers, where she addresses that the influence of our past has on our actual existence. At the end of the article she does a serious warning and remind us properly: “Our time is today” Our future is now, when at this moment we chose to be better people”. After all, as we learn at Spiritism, we are the builders of our future.

Will Science and Religion ally one day, to support together the progress of the world we live in? The spiritist thesis goes on that way, how Allan Kardec wrote and added in the first chapter of The gospel according to the Spiritism. Kardec says, it will become a day when Science, not being exclusively matter, and Religion, not ignoring matter laws, will serve to each other. Marcelo Borela de Oliveira shows it to us in a report that is a spot in this edition.

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