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We really need to put into practice the moral teachings of Christ

The thought above is by Niraldo Pulcineli (photo). He was born in the Brazilian city of Passos, in the state of Minas Gerais, and has been based in the capital, Brasília, for many years. He became a Spiritist about 40 years ago and is now a Spiritist speaker and member of the board of directors of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB). He also takes part in counselling, or fraternal assistance, services at  FEB and other Spiritist Groups, as he explains in the following interview.  

How did you get to know Spiritism? 

I was a practicing Protestant until the age of 29. I had just lost my wife and was left with two very young children to raise. It was a moment of great pain and affliction and I was in desperate need of spiritual support, which I found plenty of in Spiritism. At that time, at the suggestion of a friend, I overcame a strong rejection against Spiritism and agreed to read the introduction of The Spirits’ Book, by Allan Kardec. I became a Spiritist there and then. 

What in Spiritism attracted you the most?

I always had many doubts about my faith and I often asked myself anguished questions of a philosophical nature concerning divine justice. Until I found Spiritism, I never had a convincing answer to any of those questions. My friends and family used to confront me when I came up with those doubts and to say I was a victim of the devil. But I continued my search for the truth. When I found Spiritism, I found the answer to all those questions. They were based on such a straightforward and unquestionable logical reasoning that I realised immediately that my search had come to an end. 

What do you think is the main role of Spiritist Centres?

Jesus recommended that we loved each other and Kardec stressed that Spiritist Centres must be defined by hard work, tolerance and solidarity. So, the main role of a Spiritist Centre is to work for the dissemination of the Gospel and the Spiritist Teachings, to accept other people’s mistakes, to put solidarity into practice and to love unconditionally. 

How and when did you begin to give Spiritist talks and lectures?

When I began my journey into Spiritism some 40 years ago, I attended the youth courses at FEB. The late Cecilia Rocha, who was then our director, coordinated a meeting next door that took place every Saturday before our classes. One day she came to me and invited me to join a training course for new Spiritist speakers. I rejected the idea completely, as even the idea of speaking in public made me really nervous and shaky. She insisted and I began to attend the course every Saturday. A month later, I had been selected to do a short opening before the main speaker. I was eventually invited to join the group of regular speakers who address the public during our open meetings. 

What issues do you tend to focus on during your talks?

I normally address a wide range of issues. Normally, the theme of the lecture or talk is pre-determined by the Spiritist Centre that makes the invitation. But my preferred themes are about the Gospel, focusing on issues of a moral nature. I believe that we really need to understand and put into practice the moral teachings of Christ. We must build the Kingdom of God inside our hearts. I also like speaking about science, which, I believe, can help us understand the moral aspects of the Gospel. 

How can the work done at Spiritist Centres, including public talks and study groups, help people through the current situation?

I think that is extremely relevant. We are going through a major transition. The Earth is ending its phase as a planet of trials and tribulations to become a world of regeneration. But very few people are aware of that and many will certainly be banned from reincarnating on Earth, because of their continuing rebellious behaviour, associated with evil deeds. We must be vigilant towards the persistent efforts of dark, angry and rebellious Spirits. They are constantly trying to divert us from the right pathway, as part of a wider effort to derail the process of regeneration. So, the public talks and the study groups in Spiritist Centres can and must play an important role in this bigger effort to raise collective awareness. We must understand that we need to be in constant watch against evil, especially at this particular time. 

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers, as humankind is still dealing with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic?

Jesus Christ said that at the end of time there would be hunger, wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes and pandemics… We are obviously living those times he predicted and Covid-19 is part of that process. But Jesus also said that those who persevered until the end would be saved. So let’s continue to work hard, let’s love one another, let’s show solidarity, let’s try to learn from our mistakes, so that we can correct them and carry on with confidence in Jesus. And, most importantly, let’s not allow that fear control us, as that would paralyse our actions and affect our immune system, damaging our defences against the deadly virus. May Jesus be with us.



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