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Melodias do Bem, a radio station that broadcasts Spiritist music on the web

Joubert Oswaldo Santana Soares (photo) lives in his hometown of Niterói, in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, where he works as a volunteer at the Bezerra de Menezes Spiritst Group. He has a degree in Marketing and works as a commercial representative. He became a Spiritist in 1994 and, as a result of his love for music, founded the Melodias do Bem (Melodies for Good) web radio. It broadcasts Spiritist music 24 hours a day, as he explains in the following interview.

When and how did you become a Spiritist?

In 1994, when someone introduced me to Spiritism. It was love at first sight. I found in Spiritism the answers I had always looked for.

Where does your involvement with the media come from?

Since I was a teenager, I was into radio, events, public relations and music… I got involved in everything whenever I wanted, with the intention really of taking part in that scene.

What about your passion for music?

I learned to play the guitar in 1983 and also began to sing. I joined several bands that played rock and Brazilian music. I had a vast collection of records and tapes and later collected CDs too… I gathered more than 3,000 of them, in all styles. But when I finally discovered Spiritist music, I was blown over!

And how did you gather all the material with Spiritist music?

When I began listening only to Spiritist music, I carried on with the habit of collecting CDs. The radio station has now more than 6,000 Spiritist songs of a wide range of styles, which are being played regularly to our listeners.

When was the web radio founded and what was the initial reaction to its proposal?

It was founded on December 7th, 2018. The initial reaction was the best possible. People wrote on Google Play comments that the market lacked a radio station with Spiritist songs. They said they spent the day listening to the radio at work or at home or while commuting. The effort couldn’t be more rewarding. It was a pleasant surprise. I was unware of the huge demand there was out there. We had almost 10,000 downloads from mobile phones (both Android and iOS) in the first three months on air, not to mention those who accessed it through the website, which also has other information on Spiritism, including links.

How do you manage the web radio operation?

Managing a web radio station is no longer a very costly operation. But costs can go up if you take into account the price of ads on Google and other social media, not to mention the time invested on keeping a high quality production and customer care. We measure the quality of the radio station by some standards: whether the song has a good melody, the Spiritist content of the lyrics and the quality of the recording, which needs to be studio quality. Maintaining a good relationship with the musicians whose songs we play also contribute a great deal towards the success of the radio station.

Tell us about the partnerships you have made.

Partnerships with other radio stations are always very welcome, as they help us reach new Spiritist and non-Spiritist listeners. And those listeners get the opportunity to find out more about Spiritist events, including those linked to the arts.

How can our readers access your content or make contact with the radio station?

Our website is:

You can contact us via WhatsApp + 55 21 99241 9103, on social media or through email: 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to say that there is no price for the opportunity of coordinating a radio station that can change people’s vibrational level. Many people have told me that by listening to the music on our radio station they feel their days have improved, that negative thoughts were replaced by positive ones. Feedback like that gives us even more responsibility and the awareness that Jesus is in charge, not us. The Melodias do Bem radio station is there to serve the Spiritist Movement. It is a tool for the dissemination of the Teachings through the arts. Share our link with all the people on your contact list and help other hearts be touched and comforted by these beautiful songs.



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