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Year 13 - 622 - June 9, 2019

“Melodies of Good”: a virtual radio station which only plays spirit songs

Joubert Oswaldo Santana Soares from Niterói (RJ) is the interviewee of this week. He is connected to the Spirit Group Bezerra de Menezes in his town, he is also graduated in Marketing and he founded a radio station in 2018 called “Melodies of Good”. A radio station that plays only spirit songs, something new in communication area on radio whose success he talks in the interview which is one of the highlights of the present edition.

Another spot is the final part of the Especial written by Paulo Neto, called “Is it possible to inquire about biblical texts in Spiritism?” According to the writer, many spirit leaders understand that there are many questions regard to the Bible that should not be spoken in public meetings. Paulo Neto analyses in his article that and other relevant points to biblical texts.

It is going to be launched at the MEDNESP 2019 in Teresina, Piauí the book Childhood & Adolescence – A manual for parents and evangelizers. The most recent work from AME Brazilian Publisher, organized by the paediatrician Ana Paula Vecchi, from the Spirit-Physician Association of Goiânia. Giovana Campos tells us about the its context and proposal in an especial report.




It was published last Friday, June 7th, by EVOC – Virtual Publisher of The Comforter, the e-book A Testemunha (The Witness - Joana D’Arc’s backstage trial), authored by Mário Cuervo. The book can be read or downloaded for free, just accessing EVOC’s page and clicking here: EVOC

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