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The author of Renewing Hearts speaks about his book

A Spiritist since 2002, our guest this week is an educational psychologist with a degree in Literature and volunteer worker at the Paz, Amor e Caridade (Peace, Love and Charity) Spiritist Society his hometown of Espera Feliz, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. In the following interview, he speaks about one of his books, Renovando Corações – O poder do afeto na Casa Espírita (Renewing Hearts – The Power of Affection in Spiritist Centres):

How many books have you written and published? Which ones are particularly special to you?

I’ve written 20 books. The nineteenth was published in 2018 and the twentieth will be published in 2019. I like all of them and each one of them have their own history, their “soul,” their specific content… But I would highlight in special the books, Fé e Razão (Faith and Reason), Qualidade de Vida e Autoconhecimento (Quality of Life and Self-knowledge) Liberte-se da sua Mente (Free Yourself from Your Mind), Aceleração Mental (Mental Acceleration) and the one I published in 2018 .

How would you describe yourself as an author?

As an author, I consider myself at the same time a researcher and someone who is passionate about the human soul. I research and write about the subject I love the most, the Being in its full mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. We can make amazing trips in this material world we live in, but nothing compares to what we can reach in our internal universe... 

What is the title of the book you published in 2018 and what is it about, mainly?

It is entitled Renovando Corações – o poder do afeto na Casa Espírita (Renewing Affections -- The Power of Affection in Spiritist Centres). This book has a proposal in its concept. It contains reflections and guidance on the development of affection. We are living in hard times, when affections in human relations seem to have run dry. My book is a clear proposal encouraging us to boos affection and love inside us and in our relations with those around us and the rest of the world through self-knowledge and communication. 

Is it a book for Spiritists only?

No. Even though it brings a clear, objective proposal for Spiritist workers, it also contains a number of texts that will be useful to anyone who is seeking self-knowledge and apply it to their lives, in their families and in their communities. We all need to develop the capacity to "hear" and to "speak" with affection so we can have better relations with our brothers and sisters. This book has clear directions to help bring that about. 

Where did the idea of writing this book come from?

It came from an actual experience I had with the members of a study group that I have coordinated for the past 14 years at the Paz, Amor e Caridade Spiritist Society in my hometown. I decided to meet 14 volunteer workers from that group once a month so we could together assess our existential challenges, the problems we were facing in our pathway towards spiritual development and also our victories in that field... That led to the formation a Fraternal Spirituality Group, named after Chico Xavier, and the idea of writing the book. The results we have achieved from an emotional and spiritual perspective are so precious that I simply could not keep that idea only between us...

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am very happy with the opportunity of giving you this interview and with the possibility of giving a contribution, albeit small... asking Jesus, the Master of Sublime Affection, to bless us in our humble efforts!



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