Spiritism For Kids

por Célia Xavier de Camargo


God will help us!

Dorothy's family left the place where they lived because there was no more condition to stay there. The place was far from the city, and all the food came from the land. So they ate the beans, corn, cassava, green beans, tomatoes, carrots and vegetables that her father planted in the garden.

But a vast drought came and all the plantations died.

Even the fruit trees didn’t resist because the stream that washed the property and the fountain, which provided them with water to drink, had also dried. It meant, no water to them.

Without having anything to eat and no water to drink, after much thinking, Dorothy's father decided to leave the countryside and go to the city.

- God will help us! Said Dorothy.

They went by wain, walking for many leagues under strong sun, without water and very hungry.

Dorothy didn’t complain not to worry her parents. But leaving the place, where she was born and where she was so happy, to go and live in the city where she knew no one and where they had nowhere to stay, she wanted to cry.

With a tight heart of sadness, she intimately begged the High not to abandon them.

It was afternoon when they arrived in the city. John stopped to rest for a while. Then a young man appeared, and when he saw John, he asked:

- From the things you bring in the wagon, I can tell you’re moving. Do you know our city?

John, grateful for his attention, replied:

- Young man, we just arrived. Can you tell me where I can get a house to stay with the family?

Penalized, the boy considered:

- It's difficult to get a house like this, out of the blue. However, you can go to the night hostel. There they receive people who have nowhere to sleep.

The young man told John how to get there, and half an hour later Dorothy and her parents were in front of the Night Hostel.

They were attended promptly.

After answering some questions, they went to dinner. The joy was so huge that they were beyond happy. It had been some time since they had a real meal.

- Didn’t I say that God will help us?

Before sleeping, Dorothy thanked Jesus for the help they received. The next day, after breakfast, she went for a walk. Then she found a bunch of kids walking in the same direction making the biggest commotion.

Even without realizing it, she accompanied them. As she approached a large building, she saw that the children stopped. Soon, the children began to come in and Dorothy was pushed into the room. One of the girls looked at her and smiled. Dorothy dared to ask her:

- What is going on?

The girl replied, pleased:

- Don’t you know? There will be distribution of toys and candies!

Dorothy was surprised. More than that: enchanted!

- But why?

- Today is Children's Day! - Replied the girl, with a huge smile on her face.

Dorothy's eyes widened. Children's Day? She didn’t even know it existed! She had never heard of it before.

It was a beautiful party with music, plays and toys. Then two young women handed out cake, a bag with candy and sweeties, and a present:

- Thanks! - Said Dorothy.

- Thank Jesus.

Dorothy, anxiously, opened the package and saw that it was a little doll. The first doll that Dorothy earned as a gift in her life! She always wanted one, but her father couldn’t afford it. Then, with her heart full of joy, Dorothy thanked Jesus for the good things that he sent.

She went back to the hostel and told his parents what had happened.

Her father also said that he founded a job in a farm and they would have a house to live in. They hugged each other happily and Dorothy said:

- I was sure God was going to help us. I prayed and knew that the Father would not leave us helpless.

Dorothy's mother was crying with emotion. John considered:

- That is true, my daughter. God is our father and always helps us in the difficulty times. Popular wisdom says that when He closes a door, He opens a window.






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