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Year 12 - 565 - May 6, 2018

Rodrigo César Miranda speaks to the magazine

“Suicide, mistaken and useless act” is the title of our editorial about causes and consequences of suicide.

Our interviewee of the day is Rodrigo César Miranda, from Jundiaí (SP). Active scholar and required speaker, tells us his experiences in spirit midst and talks about Léon Denis’ works and its importance to better comprehend life and spirit teachings.

Was Kardec medium? To answer a similar question, Paulo Neto wrote the Especial of the same title which ending is published this edition. Due to subject’ extension the article was divided in two parts. The first was published last edition.

Last April 26, the Spirit Chorus Our Home, from Londrina, celebrated ten years. The Chorus was born thanks to Marinei Rezende and it has become a great success; this is shown in an especial report about the theme authored by Angélica Reis.


It was published on May 3, by EVOC – Virtual Publisher of The Comforter the e-book The weavers of destiny, novel authored by Domitila’s spirit, psychographic by the medium Eurípedes Kühl. The book in its digital format can be downloaded and read for free, like all works published by EVOC. To access it, click here:https://goo.gl/L8nt6j


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