New year, new life

It is our will to friend readers peace, health and prosperity at the beginning of one more year in all days of 2018.

When we say prosperity, it is not literally but in a true sens which it must be understood – real and emotional prosperity, which comes from the achievement of program brought in the actual existence.

As we know, we not always accomplish in body existence what is planned before coming here.

Many existences on this planet compose what Herculano Pires called as reincarnation vicious circle.

Being development is not continuous as taught by the spirit philosopher but descontinuous. In each earth existence the person develops certains abilities, but inertia law holds it on in a position settled by limits of its own culture has developed.

Herculano says, when body death happens, it returns to the spiritual world where its perceptions broaden, allowing it to understand that human perfection has no limits. Coming back for a new reincarnation, it can restart with more effiency its development of perfectibility, clear that if it does not get in earthly existency the necessary motivation, it can feel locked again to the condition of the previous life on Earth, stagnating in a repetition level. It is that what he called reincarnation vicious circle.

To those who are in doubt of that thought, we suggest that they examine the following statistics. In 82 years of existence of the institute “Sister Souls”, an existing school in Spiritual Level, André Luiz describes in his sixth book Sex and Faith, published work in 1963, from 100 desincarnated pupils who need sexual re-education that try to apply in earthly existence the teachings there learnt, here is the result:

- 34 failed, returning to spiritual life burdened with new debts.

- 26 has improved slightly, however imperfectly.

- 18, only eighteen achieved reincarnation commitments.

Body existence challenges are not as it seems to be defeated easily.

It is necessary dedication, pray, survelliance and a permanent seeking to the goal which is perfection, a target not only possible but also a challenge that Jesus proposed us when he said to the crowd who listen to him: “Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (See Matthew 5:48.)


Francine Prado




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