Letter to the reader

Year 11 - 549 - January 7, 2018

The physician José Roberto Pereira Santos is our interviewee


“New year, new life” is the title and the theme of our editorial, wherewith we express to our readers vows of peace, health and prosperity in the year which begins.

“The living will and the bioethical issue” is the interview’s theme given by dr. José Roberto Pereira Santos, intensivist doctor and coordinator of the Bioethical Department of AME-Brazil. It is known by living will the decisions which the patient specifies actions should be taken or not when he/she gets seriously sick and have not conditions to show his/her wish.

“What brain has to teach to mediums?” is the title of the Especial written by the neurologist, professor and writer dr. Nubor Orlando Facure. He brings clearly the considerations about the tools of human and spiritual vision, the called psychic clinging.

It occurred since on December 13th, in Dique do Tororó, the 20ª edition of the Movement You and Peace, of Salvador, Bahia. Those activities happened on 15th (Farol da Barra, 17th (Shopping da Bahia) and 19th (Praça do Campo Grance), when it ended. Paulo Salerno tells us how it was the important event.



Yesterday, January 6th, spirits from all over the world celebrated the 150th anniversary of Genesis, Miracles and Predictions according to Spiritism’s first edition release in 1868, by Allan Kardec. Kardec wrote in its introduction: “This new work is one more step given to the terrain of the consequences and applications of Spiritism. As its title indicates, it has as its object the study of the three points hitherto differently interpreted and commented: genesis, miracles and predictions, in their relations with the new laws that derive from the observation of the spirit phenomena.


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Director of Writing

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Administrative Director


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